Breaking through the Barriers…


After spending a morning attempting to ‘solve’ some of our Mothers financial struggles, I walked away feeling frustrated.

Not directly at her as she suffers and lives with great sadness, but at the choices she continues to make that support a ‘struggle’ mentality and existence.

I realise that the belief systems and environment that we were raised in was one of constant financial stress and worry. Our parents had four children and our Dad, ran his own business in the film industry. If you freelance in any field, you know the reality of living in the unknown… Our hippy Mother, beautiful she was. A teacher, but mostly at home raising her four wildlings in the most creative and loving space. I remember being young and our Dad saying ‘all you need is love’, which is true and I am so appreciative for the importance shared on living a life full of love. But in another breath or direction, I would hear our parents share ‘we just can’t afford it’, I could energetically feel the financial unease. I grew to develop a belief that money equaled worth and because I felt like we were poor, I wasn’t worthy. I was four, so this belief runs longs and deep.

I should insert here – we were not poor, not by any measure. We had all we needed, we loved each other. Our family lived in a cute timber (character) home that our artistic Dad build with his own hands on 12 acres in the country. I have grown to realise from 10 years of travel, we in the west are quite often never satisfied. We live in excess. Everything is relative but shit, spend time in India, or another impoverished destination… then you will truly see and experience what ‘poor’ or ‘without’ is.


If you were born in a Western culture, in my humble opinion, you are already a millionaire.


Today I was reminded by my encounter and deep family triggers that a lack mentality – is not the reality that I desire to live in. Or choose to live in. We all have the power to create an abundant life for ourselves, including yet extending far beyond monetary measures. We cannot make others see life this way, regardless of how much we love them. But you? You can do anything. You can break through the habits, release the beliefs that hold you back and redirect your course. YOU CAN.

Abundance is relative. It is a perspective. And maybe just by reading this short post, it will evoke a little questioning of your own. And if you feel triggered, this is a good thing. Whenever we feel discomfort from a situation, it is an opportunity for self reflection and discovery.

So my loves, this evening I invite you to ponder….

Do you feel abundant?

How do you feel abundance?

Are you creating a story? Are you living from a victim mentality?

How could you exercise more gratitude?

How could you take more action to create the life you desire?


I sit here typing, reflecting, pondering over the questions above myself. I wear my sparkling Citrine ring. In this moment, it is a reminder of my personal potential.



You see, these pieces of jewellery we make are not restricted by what we attach to them. We offer an intention and then hand them over to the world. We hope you wear your pieces with purpose. We hope that they remind you of something that is important to you.

Like my ring today : Alex, you are not what you come from. And with that, I walk forward. Continuing to forge a path of my own.

You being here makes me feel abundant. So, thank you.

Can you relate?  Share with me, I would love to share in your experience….

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  • Margi McColl

    May 26, 2016 at 10:26 am

    Thank you Alex for sharing your beautiful insightful words. It is so true… We in the west are so very rich in material things compared to those in developing countries. I have not been to India but I have been to SE Asia a number of times and it has always impressed me at how HAPPY most of the locals are just going about their daily lives. Travel surely is the best teacher! When I start to feel shitty about my life I remember to “count my blessings”… And there are so many.

    • violetgray

      May 26, 2016 at 11:55 pm

      Oh Margi, thank you so much for sharing.
      I always find it so interesting – often when people say ‘oh that poor family, they have nothing, they live in a house together’. And I think – how are we judging this situation? From our own perspective, from what we see to be good or bad. I think – look how happy and lucky they are to live together. Maybe? Travel surely does widen our eyes and perspectives. I agree – the blessings, there are so many! And blessings to you for being here, thank you xx

  • Elizabeth

    June 30, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    This is a really heartfelt piece, it’s beautiful to read your story, thank you so much for sharing. After some inner work I have been doing this year I have become uber conscious of the impact that one’s childhood (and family story of money and success) can have on us as adults! It’s so important to take conscious steps towards creating a new story of personal power. Indeed physical objects can act as anchors to help us connect with our affirmations and ground us in our new story, whether that’s a beautiful ring (like your stunning Citrine), essential oils, crystals, or other talismans. Thank you for the reminder x

    • violetgray

      July 1, 2016 at 11:04 pm

      Ahh… the head (and heart) is nodding the whole time I am reading your comment Elizabeth. Thank you for the beautiful insight and reflection – birds of a feather xx

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