Love letters from Mummas-to-be.
After a Blessing Way Ceremony, Violet Gray style.
 Blessing Ceremony, Circle, Blessingway


” Some things in life move you in such a profound way that you know you’ll be able to transport yourself back there forever. That’s the gift Alex gave me when she hosted the Blessing Way ceremony that would punctuate my passage into motherhood.
There we sat hand-in-hand in a circle — my nearest and dearest — candles flickering as this divine woman gently held space for each of us to share sacred stories, to cry, to laugh and to honour the life inside me and the journey ahead as a Mama.
Knowing Alex you’ll know that everything she does is steeped in love, intention, generosity and tender care. This Blessing Way ceremony was no different. A truly, truly beautiful experience”.
Rachel ~ Burleigh Heads, Australia


“Alex from Violet Gray held the most beautiful space for my blessing way. It was such a special and loving ceremony to share with my soul sisters to bring me strength for bringing a new soul into the world, and surrounding my baby with support and love to be born into.”
Miri ~ Palm Beach, Australia


“Our blessing way. I had never heard about this ritual until i seen an Instagram blog you had written about them. I was intrigued and was delving into spirituality; at the time it all sounded perfect. I had close family and friends that mean the world to me come from afar. You arrived at the door so full of warmth beaming a beautiful smile. We hugged and i new we all were going to experience something amazing. There were happy tears, stories told, crystals resonating to peoples lives all sealed with our bracelet bonds. I was able to take all the well wishes in with my labour, on my crystal tassel. I absolutely adore it. I have two friends one in Perth and one in Brisbane that still wear their bracelets to remind them of Lily and I. I would definitely do this again and again. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. Thank you for beaming your positive energy on myself, my pregnancy and now my beautiful healthy daughter”
Angela ~ Perth WA, Australia


“Alex, thank you for holding the blessing over the weekend. It was more beautiful and powerful than I ever could have imagined. You really have a gift for making a group of women feel very comfortable in such a vulnerable situation. I love how open, calm and loving you were from start to finish. I will never forget the feeling I had in that circle.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Cristine ~ Brisbane, Australia 


“I knew that I never wanted a baby shower. My language of love is not gifts. I’m not a big gift giver and whilst receiving them is nice, and of course appreciated, I get more of a kick out of someone cooking me dinner or helping me out in some way which is practical.

My language of love can be found in acts of service.

Whilst I had offers of helping organise a baby shower, I knew I didn’t want gifts. I really didn’t need anything, especially at a time where I seemed to be throwing everything out. I didn’t want games involving chocolate bars melted in nappies and guesswork on when my baby was due. Whilst I totally respect that this is the perfect way for mums to celebrate and get help with the essentials they need in preparation, it’s just not my thing.

A Blessing Way ceremony is also something I probably wouldn’t have whole-heartedly gravitated towards… except for the fact that I fully resonate with Alex, the face behind Violet Gray, who hosts these beautiful events. You see, it’s the peoplebehind the brand or service that draw me in, not the actual brand.

I remember when I first met Alex…..”


Darci ~ Kingscliff, Australia


“After spending much of the day reflecting on yesterday’s blessingway ceremony I have to once again say a massive THANK YOU! I myself was unsure of exactly what to expect + whoa did the experience exceed all my presumptions + resonated so beautifully with my heart + spirit.

My gfs have all shared with me today how much they enjoyed the evening + what an amazing beautiful human being you are! Thank you for holding such a beautiful, safe space for my gfs and I to share + shower love. You really have such a special gift! After last night I feel even more empowered + supported in bringing this little man into the world!”

Chrissy ~ Coomera, Australia 

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