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GOLD – I think, I love you?



So it is 8.04pm, I’m still in the studio.

 I have just explained to my boyfriend that there is nothing to worry about – I know I left the house at 8.30am this morning, but this is LAUNCH DAY baby, I just have to do what beckons me. This is solopreneur life, nothing is regular (I did go to Yoga and into the sea this morning, it is all about that illusive balance).

Truth be told, I could go home – write this tomorrow. But my spirit yearns to share a little of the back story and facts, cause ya’ll know, I love a story. And the new range is now officially live on the site, so I want to offer you a few of the extra ‘back story’ details.

I find myself here, Xavier just popped up from my revolving Spotify list and it takes me back in time. I have a single candle burning and a cracked open Matso Ginger Beer sitting in front of the screen. I can’t leave now, I have shit to share? And a ginger beer to enjoy.

9kt SOLID GOLD charms, bracelets, necklaces all launched online tonight.

YAY. Check them out, whenever.



The decision to move towards producing and offering more solid yellow gold (rather than plated) into your collection was an easy one and a move that we have longed to transition into for years.

But a) it is hugely expensive (hence why not many small-ish labels attempt it) and

b) it is a risk to invest so much of our capital, into so little product in comparison with the large quantities that you can produce and receive if and when, manufacturing with a lower quality materials (still great quality, but solid gold is the next step).

And c) there is no assurance that your community, you guys, will move with us in this direction. 

Worst case, I will have an empty bank account, but be dripping in gold. Right? Not so bad, perhaps.

Luckily, I love a challenge and pushing boundaries especially when ‘producing more’ for financial or social gain has never been the VG vibe.

So here we go… allow me to educate you very basically on gold in relation to jewellery and all of the marketing terminology that often justifies (or rather, doesn’t) a high price point.


Solid Gold, Jewellery, Violet Gray

Solid Gold, Jewellery, Violet Gray


Shitty McSHIT : The stuff you buy from the mass produced jewellery chain store in the mall that focuses in fashion, not quality. I know it’s tempting, it is shiny and cheap – but most of it is plastic and won’t last a season let alone a week. Step away from the SALE RACK in the front entrance with $1 and $2 ‘Buy me NOW’ signs – it has been placed there for a purpose. Good for fancy dress, that’s about it. And if purchased without mindfulness, you will probably only wear it once before throwing it into the charity bag to go to the op-shop.

GOLD PLATED : Is when a metal (such as steel or brass – although we always use 925 sterling silver) is dipped into an electroplating solution, with a lump of solid gold. When a electric current is applied, a thin layer of gold ‘sticks’ to the metal. Quality and plating durability depends on the thickness or micron applied, thus also dramatically affecting longevity.

(Gold Micron : refers to the amount of gold layered onto the base metal).

GOLD FILL : Much to your surprise, these pieces are not filled with Gold. Nope, tricky little name it is! Gold filled jewellery is a base metal (normally copper or brass) literally wrapped in sheets of gold in a bonding process. Like a present! On the flip side, the layer of gold is normally thicker than a plated piece, so generally it might last longer (meaning withstand tarnishing). The amount of gold is said to roughly be 1/20th of the total weight of the piece.

GOLD VERMEIL : Jewellery that has a base metal of 925 sterling silver – which means a really good quality (ie. thickness) in comparison with other base metals.. The gold plating must be at least 2.5 micons in thickness to justify this ‘label’– the good news, the plating (depending on the wearer and piece of course) should last a longer time.

And SOLID GOLD, 9kt is what Violet Gray has just introduced : It is 37.5% pure gold, meaning 1/3rd solid gold. You see, pure gold is extremely soft and needs to be combined with other metals to withstand the wear that comes with attaching a piece to our body / finger / arm/ neckline. 9kt solid gold will not tarnish and a much higher price point due to the quality and longevity. It will hold its value with time / age and if treated with love / cherished, can be a piece that you will hand down to generations to follow.


So this is where I find myself.

Please hear me when I say – there is no ‘wrong or right’ way to wear or purchase jewellery.

Jewellery is one of the oldest forms of decorative art and since ancient times, it has been utilised as a key form of self-expression. It is a way of sharing who we are and I am in full support of this method of creative, personal expression.

For me personally, I would rather create less – but of a much higher quality. Consume less, cherish more. Save for a piece I absolutely adore rather than impulse shop at 3am. And wear something that is so deeply infused with personal meaning that it connects my internal and external world, so I want to keep it forever. It’s all about the feels for me and there is no doubt that you can feel when a piece is made with care, intention and quality materials.

Love to hear your thoughts!

Alex xx


+ 5 hot tips for transitioning with heart, when the outcome of the (creative) path feels scary and is unknown! 

  1. Close your eyes, stop scrolling. It only takes you further away from yourself. Say no to confusion, a hell YES to clarity.
  2. Get quiet and actually begin to question yourself for guidance. Ie. ‘So Alex, how do you feel today? How does that design feel?’ etc etc.
  3. Sure – use others to bounce your ideas but ultimately movement and action is better when it comes from your feels.
  4. Don’t be afraid to redirect if something just doesn’t feel right. You are therefore creating space for more alignment.
  5. The ultimate question – whats the worst that can happen? You bomb out? So what. Pick yourself up, learn from it and keep your eyes on your own horizon.


Sister when you travel your days from heart, you’ve got this. We’ve all got this!

Solid gold… you’ve stolen my heart. 


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  1. In a society where consumerism encourages us to buy more this is a welcome change. Better for slow living and less environmental impact.

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