#imperfectlymeVG online Flash Mob on 14 FEB, 2016. Join Violet Gray and the online movement


12 full months ago, February 14, 2015…. The BLOG post started a little something like this ::

‘Why do we hide our broken bits?

Why not celebrate them and actually alter our perception around them? And why the hell do we give ourselves such a hard time for what we see as our imperfections, or our ‘faults’? (Ps. There is no such thing as a fault!)

These are the parts of ourselves that make us real life WARRIORS. Never has there been a time in history where life was perfect, so why do we compare ourselves and our present moment to this false ‘shiny and perfect’ reality?

Really… it is a fantasy, NOT a reality and one that makes us all feel pretty shitty when we are stuck there. You with me?’


( The rest can be read HERE – Imperfectly ME VG 2015)

This year we are BACK and this weekend, the Instagram FLASH MOB #imperfectlymeVG will be running for the second year in a row. The movement we speak of? A 24 hour online period where we show up, FLASH MOB, share and declare. The real, the raw, the messy, the vulnerable… the ‘imperfect’. We unite and celebrate these parts of ourselves and one another. Let’s kick that idea of ‘perfect’ to the curb and just relax into what makes us, US. How bout it?

Okay, let me tell you more:

INSTAGRAM FLASHMOB #imperfectlymeVG from Violet Gray on Vimeo.



This Sunday the 14th Feb, from 7am. You have 24 hours to get courageous and get involved. Use the hashtag #imperfectlymeVG and tag @violetgraydesign / hashtag #violetgraydesign.

Be you and get as creative as you like. Remember, it is the variations within us that make this so much fun!  Then, if it feels right, tag an Instagram lady-love (or a few) and encourage them to get REAL too.

Cheers to being US. Imperfectly, perfect. See you on Sunday, we will be right there cheering you all on!

PS. Feel free to share this VLOG and online movement if it resonates x


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