Love letters from ladies, just like you and me.

After their experience at a Violet Gray Intention Circle.


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“I left the VG intention circle with a body brimming with appreciation – floating on a sea of good vibes!
With their infectiously joyful energy Alex and Franny effortlessly transported us all into a state of bliss and connection. From belly-aching giggles to tears of gratitude  – if you want to feel all the good feels this is the place to do it!”
Meg O’Sullivan ~ Adventuring Home


“Hi forest fairy sisters (this will forever be your name in my world now, tehe), I find it hard to put words around what I experienced on Saturday night. The entire evening was so full of beauty, love and magic. I had a wonderful time.

THANK YOU! For the connection, the healing, the gifts, the love, the moment. All of it. I feel so blessed to have been apart of it all. Big huge, heart-felt, love to you both.”
Alana Helbig ~  She Makes Magic


“I friggen adore you so much beautiful girls. I think I may ACTUALLY still be kinda floating around.

What a magical, magical evening – the type we can dream of! xo”
Tara Bliss ~ Tara Bliss 


“Hi Alex and Franny,
“Just wanted to let you know how much my daughter and I enjoyed our experience with you all on Saturday evening. It was so amazingly beautiful to sit together and create and share. I feel so blessed to be able to have such an experience with my daughter and want to THANK YOU so much for sharing your world with us and giving me the opportunity to enhance my daughters life and allow her to experience the beauty, power and magic in coming together and being open, honest and creative.
Sharing experiences like this with her is going to allow her to develop great understanding, empathy and skills to help her navigate a happy fulfilled life journey in such a busy fast paced world.  It really helped me in my healing journey and my bracelet has already begun to weave it’s magic and remind me to nurture mySelf and my loved ones more actively and begin to heal after such sadness.
Such a priceless experience and I can’t thank you enough.”
Katie ~ Kingscliff


“…….. Through music, personal reflection and a whole lot of sisterly pantomime that had me laughing on so many occasions we were invited to get in touch with our intention, what it was that we might want to weave into the bracelet we were going to make.

I felt very still and very sure as I began to choose my crystals, it was different for everyone as we shared after. For me it felt oh so lovely to just trust, to choose and not to think too much about it. There was no right or wrong way to do this, no right or wrong crystal to pick. No spiritual crystal whisperer in my head saying I needed this or that…”

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Keri ~ Keri Krieger


“As nervous as I was coming into this circle – I tend to find female energy very intimidating! –  so I was blown away by the openness and acceptance that filled our little mountain space. We were gently guided through the crystal reading, meditation and cacao ceremony with no expectations, no judgements and, most importantly, no rules!

I left this circle with a sense of lightness and amazing connections with 19 beautiful souls. ”

Christy ~ Gold Coast (Dec 2017 circle)


“Well, firstly, it was so wonderful.  Just the right number of women to feel cosy and to connect with. After our experience at the botanical gardens, I immediately felt tuned in with myself and knew that the evening would benefit my highest good. I saw two, tiny green frogs there, then another visited my home a week and a half ago, so I know their appearance in my life was no coincidence.
My heart always feels open, when attending such circles, and I am very grateful for connecting with like-minded sisters. The cacao ceremony was a whole other experience!! I felt really opened up – exposed – to the elements of nature and for a good two weeks after, I was so much more tuned in with Mother Earth whenever I set foot outside. All in all, I came away from that night, lighter, knowing that it had helped me to leave behind some crap in 2016 and that it has opened me up to many wonderful new beginnings in 2017. Thank you so much for creating these opportunities for we soul sisters to come together and I look forward to the next one!!”
Emma ~ Brisbane  (Dec 2017 circle)


“Hey Alex, I hope this email finds you well.

I cannot wait to hear about the women’s circles for this year – I have 2 gorgeous women in mind to invite & am beside myself with excitement to bring them along.

I have been meaning to respond & share a wee bit of my story with you. While it has been slipping my mind up until now, I feel as though the universe times things simply & perfectly.
The bracelet I created at our circle in December was made with the intention of peace & acceptance, but the piece I created was busy with every sort of bead I could fit on the wire – much like my mind was at that time. I have been wearing the bracelet since that time, as a reminder of my intention to let go of the things that no longer serve me, & seek peace & acceptance in my life. After our circle, I felt a seismic shift in my psyche & my soul, & have felt the chaos in my mind melt away little by little. I made the leap to apply for a new job which I was offered, accepted, & am now incredibly happy in. I found the strength & courage to contact my dad & tell him some hard truths – after which I noticed a physical release of the stress I was carrying in my neck & jaw. I gave myself permission to start loving myself body & soul for who I am – a journey I will be on for my lifetime I’m sure, but one I feel I had never really started until our circle. I have an even deeper connection with my partner, mother, my brother, & so much more meaningful connections with my inner sanctum of friends (aka my village).
I have also continued seeing my therapist, a woman with whom I have been journeying to process & let go of a number of traumas in my life. As a result of the shifts I have experienced since our circle & many more like them, I came back to my therapist at the start of this year (who I have been seeing for 2 years now) & was able to say ‘I don’t think I need to see you anymore’. After a conversation, my therapist agreed with me, & I have never been so proud of myself. Today, my therapist & I set a date for our last session together, until I feel I need to see her again. Tonight, my intention bracelet fell off my wrist from the clasp.
I cannot begin to tell you how profound my experience of our circle was.
Likewise, I cannot begin to thank you enough for guiding me & the other gorgeous women there through such a magic evening.”
Emily ~ Brisbane (Dec 2016 circle)


“Thank you Alex, Kristen & all the beautiful women who gathered for a divine evening of connection.
This circle was soul food, and my soul has been overflowing for the last week. I’ve been more mindful and in tune with the present moment.
I feel like I’ve lived this past week a little more intentionally and less on auto-pilot.
The loving energy that you poured into creating this evening was truly nourishing on so many levels and received with so much gratitude.”
Gabrielle ~ Brisbane (May 2017 circle)


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  • Keri

    July 15, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    I was transported back to what feels like home. I can only explain the feeling as when I garden, sit on the beach, lay in the grass, do yoga, cook, quality time with friends and family all rolled into one. That feeling of contentment and satisfaction that I didn’t need to be anywhere else but right there in the circle, sitting, breathing and relishing in amongst all the other goddesses energies in the room. Thank you Alex for holding a safe and sacred space to be open and allowing.

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