Violet Gray, Photoshoot, Jewellery


‘So we have a week to pull a shoot together?’ she says.

‘Shit, okay’ replies the other sister.

With a range release approaching faster than we had realised, sometimes the only way to make things happen is when your back is against the wall and you have no other choice.

With this intention set, it seemed the universe just kept supporting this crazy deadline and voilà – 7 days later we are in Byron Bay on what was predicted to be a stormy Wednesday afternoon with a full team of creatives.

The sky remained blue and ‘My Internal Compass’ was shot. Launching November 1, 2015.


Violet Gray Design

Violet Gray Design

Violet Gray Design

     Violet Gray Design

        Violet Gray Design

Violet Gray Design


Jewellery : Violet Gray

Photographer : Tegan McVey

Muse : Jordana Demos

Stylist : Angela // Her Heart Cries Fowl

Clothing : Driftlab

MUA : Tara / Mercer Makeup and Styling

Location : Byron Bay, NSW Australia


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