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MY INTERNAL COMPASS || the hypothesised mechanism that allows organisms to orient themselves so as to proceed in the proper direction during long-distance movements such as migration.


We talk to the magical Emma Kate Co. to give us insight into the importance of her internal compass.


1. What does the term ‘INTERNAL COMPASS’ mean to you?

For me, internal compass is my center. It’s my heart space – a place of secure, authentic ‘knowing’. When I am conflicted or unsure about something, this is the place I go to sit with the question and seek clarity. My internal compass is a place of truth and purity. Sometimes I feel the messiness of life sweep me up and carry me away and I get off kilter. My internal compass kicks in here and always brings me back to my centre – it’s a place for grounding and recalibrating, back to my essence.


2. How do you connect with it?

I always feel connected – but if I get distant, then physically holding my hands to my heart helps me to re-focus… or making something with my hands brings me back to the source. I will hold my brush or pen and see what letters free flow, or what words fall out.


3. Examples of when you connect with it?

Creative flow. When ideas bubble up and feel so real and beautiful and palpable.


4. Why is listening to your internal compass – that deep knowing from within – so important?

We get so many choices thrown at us – life tasks to tick off a list, conventions to conform to, expecations to live up to, directions to follow or look towards. It’s important to connect with our own compass – our own heartspace – and really listen to what feels right for us, intimately.


5. Where does your compass lead you?

To my creativity.



Photo credit: Grace Alyssa Kyo


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