MY INTERNAL COMPASS || the hypothesised mechanism that allows organisms to orient themselves so as to proceed in the proper direction during long-distance movements such as migration.


For the past couple of weeks we have been asking ladies – ladies just like you and me – all about their internal compasses. We have already spoken to our four treasured Violet Gray Brand Ambassadors – Emma Kate Co, Rachel MacDonald, Tara Bliss and Tahl Rinsky plus our new VG team member Sophie Zen.


But today is extra special as we talk to one half of the Violet Gray sisterhood – Frances. A force to be reckoned with, Franny is a trailblazing business woman, loved-up mama and ambassador for living a simple life. Opening up her home for the launch of the range, it is clear that Franny lives and breaths the idea of an internal compass.


1. What does the term ‘INTERNAL COMPASS’ mean to you?

For me, my ‘internal compass’ is my inner knowing. It is the guidance that I refer to; the guidance that exists far beyond logic, ego or conscious thought. It is the whisper I hear in the strangest of times, the ache I feel from deep within my solar plexus.


2. How do you connect with it?

Stillness and quiet. As a self-confessed introvert I maintain my balance and connection to the divine through stillness.


3. Examples of when you connect with it?

​When working on an idea in our quiet studio space.. especially when I take tiny increments of uninterrupted time to lay on the cool wooden floor and tap into the space of consciousness between my eyes. Or when lying awake in the silence of the night, after the last of the energies around me have drifted off to sleep.

These moments make up my bliss.


4. Why is listening to your internal compass – that deep knowing from within – so important?

For me personally it makes up my teacher and my faith. Regardless of what is happening around me, it gives me a calm sense of trust that I am completely supported and taken care of. It is the barometer of my soul. If I don’t take the time to tap in, I spin out of control into a space of fear and over analysis.

I begin to live in a space of this world rather than from a space of observation.


5. Where does your compass lead you?

My internal compass leads me to where I stand. There isn’t anywhere else I would rather be.




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