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MY INTERNAL COMPASS || the hypothesised mechanism that allows organisms to orient themselves so as to proceed in the proper direction during long-distance movements such as migration.


We’re so honoured to be talking to the beautiful and spirited Rachel MacDonald from In Spaces Between today. Her understanding of the internal compass is simply magical!


1. What does the term ‘INTERNAL COMPASS’ mean to you?

My internal compass is the ever-present, ever-wise part of my being guiding me in the direction of expansion, growth, love and TRUTH.


2. How do you connect with it?

There’s no doubt in my mind that stillness in the form of meditation or contemplation is a hugely powerful way to FEEL the presence of this compass, but it’s also not the only way.

There have been stretches of time when I haven’t sat down to “formally” meditate, yet have made some of the most intuitive and guided decisions of my life.

How so? Through asking, trusting and cultivating courage through action.

Sometimes we can over-complicate life and get lost amongst the practices, processes, techniques and must-do’s — and god knows I’m guilty! — but this compass business is innate. A handy little ‘always on’ mechanism to orient us on the path towards our truest desires.


3. Examples of when you connect with it?

When there’s a decision to be made and I’m weighing up two opposing (or sometimes, complimentary) options. The decision may be way down on the importance scale, or we might be talking Life’s Big Stuff.


4. Why is listening to your internal compass – that deep knowing from within – so important?

My deepest belief, and one I draw on daily, is that we live in an infinitely abundant and eternally supportive Universe.

In other words: the Universe / Source/ God / Goddess / The Cosmos (insert preference here) has our back.

Those intuitive, internal hits are means of communication between us and the mystery. And when we listen, we’re guided to the experience that holds the greatest — or the most necessary — learning for us at that juncture in our life.


5. Where does your compass lead you?

Home. To the feeling that all is well, all is working out.



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