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MY INTERNAL COMPASS || the hypothesised mechanism that allows organisms to orient themselves so as to proceed in the proper direction during long-distance movements such as migration.


Violet Gray has a new marketing magician and what better way to get to know her than to hear all about her internal compass. Here is Sophie Zen!


1. What does the term ‘INTERNAL COMPASS’ mean to you?

My internal compass is the quiet whisper of my soul – the one that always knows the way. It’s intuitive and heart-centred, speaking truths that sometimes don’t want to be heard.


2. How do you connect with it?

It is the strongest when I am grounded so I like to go for long walks and dig my feet into the sand when I can. If I can’t go outside then I’ll sit by a window and gaze at the sky. I’ll watch the clouds, trees and birds – putting everything into perspective.


3. Examples of when you connect with it?

In moments of silence when I can let go of what people expect of me and hone in on what I truly desire.


4. Why is listening to your internal compass – that deep knowing from within – so important?

My internal compass leads me home and if I’m not listening to it then I find myself lost and frazzled without purpose.


5. Where does your compass lead you?

Home – where I feel creative, connected and authentic in my expression.




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