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MY INTERNAL COMPASS || the hypothesised mechanism that allows organisms to orient themselves so as to proceed in the proper direction during long-distance movements such as migration.


The magical Tara Bliss explores the concept of an internal compass and shows us what it means to her.


1. What does the term ‘INTERNAL COMPASS’ mean to you?

It’s the part of me – the presence, the aspects, the sensations – that communicates solely the TRUTH.


2. How do you connect with it?

For me it’s through a cocktail of stillness and nature. Nothing allows me to connect with and listen to that internal knowing as beautifully as these two things. Stillness is the portal for everything, really, and nature is my biggest mirror and teacher.


3. Examples of when you connect with it?

My internal compass is the part of me that instigates forgiveness, in particular. Forgiveness, softness, perspective, democracy. It’s the part of me that helps me escape reactivity and instead, embrace the Long View. Many times, after firing up, or acting unreasonably, it’s accessing this compass through stillness or reflection in nature where I’m guiding to forgive myself, or someone else, and move on with my life with lightness.


4. Why is listening to your internal compass – that deep knowing from within – so important?

Without it, we mirror that small little jacked-up ball in a pinball machine. Bouncing and pinging and dinging off one circumstance to another, one argument or misunderstanding to another, one confrontation, frustration, annoyance to another. Without listening to and taking action on that guidance that comes through, we often feel victimised by life; as though it’s happening to us, rather than for us.

Listening to this voice isn’t always easy. The truth isn’t always welcome. But it’s necessary, and powerful, and essential to living a life of honesty and self-honour.


5. Where does your compass lead you?

Back to the Truth, always.

The Truth of ‘I am.’

The Truth of ‘Ek Ong Kar’ – We Are One.




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