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Inner Peace


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Key words: Spiritual protection, inner strength and clarity of mind.

Amethyst crystals healing properties have been valued for thousands of years and to this day, it is still believed to be one of the most powerful and protective stones.

This is a high-vibration piece of Quartz from the earth that : blocks stress, promotes inner peace, purification, healing, divine connection, enhanced intuitive abilities and the release of any unwanted addictions or habits.

Note : This listing is for one piece of Amethyst. 


  • In your handbag – as your talisman for protection and purification.
  • Meditate with your Amethyst – to enter a meditative state, connect with yourself and open to a higher source.
  • Placed in your bedroom – to assist with insomnia and stimulate a calm body (and more relaxed sleep cycle).
  • In your work space – to reduce stress, protect your energy, improve moods and calm the mind.



Height ranges between 3cm – 5.5cm.

Generator Point: Each Amethyst piece has 6 sides.


Each Amethyst piece will differ slightly in colour, inclusions, size, shape. They are naturally formed and perfectly-imperfect.

Trust that you will receive the ‘right’ one.

No exchanges or refunds for change of mind. 

All crystal orders are packaged within a small Violet Gray purple or cream pouch, with an explanatory card. They do not come in a silver box.



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