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Love, Joy, Compassion, Unity, Acceptance

Colour: Green (and/or Pink) 

Location of the Chakra: Centre of your chest

Body: Centre of your chest, heart and circulatory system, ribs / breasts, lungs, shoulders, arms, hands, diaphragm and thymus gland.

Function: Experience perfect union through LOVE. To explode our capacity to experience love (both sharing and receiving) and therefore, recognise just how potent and powerful LOVE is. (An necessary ingredient for all levels of existence and profoundly affects physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth.)

If unbalanced, you may experience: The inability to feel, coldness, indifference, heartlessness, incapable of real intimacy, passivity, requires constant reassurance and recognition. Inability to forgive, self-centeredness and fear of loneliness.

Stimulants (how to balance this Chakra): Bring the colour GREEN (and/or PINK) forcefully into your life. Nature walks, dancing and listening to ‘love music’. Feel intensely; spend time with loved ones and practice loving the unlovable in others and yourself daily.

Affirmation to repeat to yourself: “I AM LOVE”…


925 Sterling Silver


Charm size: 1cm

Chain length: Adjustable up to 52cm at longest length.

Note : Adjust necklace by simply sliding the bead.


Special feature: You can interchange the charm when you feel the desire to focus on a different Chakra. In any moment, simply slide the existing charm over the end ring and replace with your new charm.

You can purchase all Chakra charms separately for this purpose. SHOP CHARMS


6 reviews for HEART CHAKRA

  1. Bianca
    5 out of 5


    Lovely simple piece to wear everyday.

  2. Tracy Absolom
    5 out of 5


    I absolutely love my Heart Chakra necklace and have been wearing it ever since it arrived. I brought it for myself to celebrate me and having just launched my website. Its a beautiful reminder for me to continue to follow my passions,love what I do and share it with the world. Thank you for creating a jewellery line that not only is so pretty but has a spiritual meaning as well.
    With love
    Tracy xx

  3. Sienna
    5 out of 5


    I love love love my little chakra necklace! It’s one of my favorite items of jewelry. Thank you for making such wonderful jewelry Violet Gray Designs!

  4. Kitty
    5 out of 5


    The heart chakra is my favourite necklace, ever. I love it! The quality is divine. I wear it every day in all situations, and it still looks brand new. It has such a lovely look and feel and sits so nicely. I will continue to cherish this piece for a long time (forever!), and would not hesitate to purchase more from Violet Gray. The quality, attention to detail and alignment in their pieces is beautiful.

  5. Andrea
    5 out of 5


    I recently purchased the Heart Chakra necklace and I haven’t taken it off. It’s a beautiful reminder to drop into my heart rather than being in my head all the time. I love that the chain can be adjusted to different lengths – it makes it so versatile for different outfits. I am now eyeing off my next Violet Gray purchase!

  6. Lori Jaggard
    5 out of 5


    I recently purchased the heart and sacral chakras and I love the adjustable chains. Beautiful pieces.

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