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Relationships, Creativity, Pleasure, Sexuality

Colour: Orange

Location of the Chakra: Below the navel / lower abdomen

Body: Lower abdomen to navel, adrenal glands, sexual organs, large intestine, appendix, bladder and hip area.

Function: To lead us from basic existence, to experience and embrace the sweetness that makes life so JOYFUL. The Sacral Chakra also focuses on your ability to relate to everything outside of you. This includes the ability to connect with others, the universe, nature and material possessions.

If unbalanced, you may experience: Issues surrounding relationships, sex, money, abundance and a sense of our boundaries. Inability to experience enjoyment, lack of connection, fear of loss of control (or being controlled) lack of trust, blame, guilt and feeling emotionally paralysed.

Stimulants (how to balance this Chakra): Bring the colour ORANGE forcefully into your life. Exercise, enjoy a hot aromatic bath and ponder over what brings you JOY. Spend time with friends, get creative – paint, craft, decorate, build, dance or sing. Practice being present.

Affirmation to repeat to yourself: “I FEEL”…


9kt Yellow Gold

925 Sterling Silver


Charm size: 1cm

Chain length: Adjustable up to 52cm at longest length.

Note: Adjust your necklace by simply sliding the bead.


Special feature: You can interchange the charm when you feel the desire to focus on a different Chakra. In any moment, simply slide the existing charm over the end ring and replace with your new charm.

You can purchase all Chakra charms separately for this purpose. SHOP CHARMS


2 reviews for SACRAL CHAKRA

  1. Maxann Heald
    5 out of 5


    My first Violet Gray piece, she holds whispers of the goddess I am becoming.

  2. Johanna Kohlhagen
    5 out of 5


    This piece radiates quality and delicacy. A repeat customer yet again in awe of the service, detail and love put into the entire process from creation to delivery.

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