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Salt and Pepper  S C A R L E T T 

She is like the rebellious one in the Diamond world. She is left wild; more ‘flawed’ (dependent on perspective) and technically less pure than others.

She breaks all of the traditional rules when it comes to examining a Diamond (cut | clarity | colour | carat)But she is raw and real and untreated.

She is full of life (natural inclusions) formed by the Earth and therefore full of individual personality. One of the kind, just like the woman that feels magnetised to Scarlett.

Rose cut Salt and Pepper Diamond combined with white and black diamonds and the 14k Gold of your choice (14k yellow photographed).

She is ready to be worn forever and a day.


NOTE: Although this ring is sold out, we may be able to remake you a variation.

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Salt and Pepper Diamond (rose cut): 0.75ct, 6mm

2 x 3mm Diamond Trilliants

10 x 1.1 – 1.4mm Black Diamonds

14k / 585 Yellow Gold


Upon request, this beautiful ring design can be customised with alternative gemstones.

Contact [email protected] if you have further questions, or book an online consultation HERE.


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