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925 Sterling Silver

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Imagination, Original Thought, Dreaming, Clairvoyance 

Colour: Indigo

Location of the Chakra: Centre of forehead, between the eyes.

Body: Brain, nervous system, nose, ears, eyes, pineal gland and pituitary gland.

Function: To increase our ability to see, feel and understand ALL. The Brow or Third Eye chakra influences the areas of our mind that control common sense, wisdom, intelligence, memory retention, dreams, spirituality and intuition. Search for the difference between truth and illusion, the two forces present in each moment. Trust what you cannot see, it is more truthful than what you can.

If unbalanced, you be: Feeling ungrounded, have the tendency to think too much and constantly over analysis. Mood swings, lack of vision, vague / muddled thoughts and the inability to make decisions. Feelings of inadequacy, difficulty with being open to others ideas and an inability to learn from experience.

Stimulants (how to balance this Chakra): Bring the colour PURPLE forcefully into your life. Daydream, stargaze, let go of limited thinking, follow your intuition and turn inwards. Surrender, practice the art of surrendering.

Affirmation to repeat to yourself: “I KNOW”…

Note: Model wears the Rose Gold and Silver Third Eye Chakra necklace.


925 Sterling Silver


Charm size: 1cm

Chain length: Adjustable up to 52cm at longest length.

Note : Adjust necklace by simply sliding the bead.


Special feature: You can interchange the charm when you feel the desire to focus on a different Chakra. In any moment, simply slide the existing charm over the end ring and replace with your new charm.

You can purchase all Chakra charms separately for this purpose. SHOP CHARMS


1 review for THIRD EYE CHAKRA

  1. Dimity
    5 out of 5


    I bought this piece a year or so ago, it was the first piece in my violet gray collection. I had been draw to the mandala image and upon reading the “If unbalanced” realised why. This piece is my constant reminder that I need to surrender and let go of the things that do not serve me, I know that I can be imaginative and creative and have wonderful original thoughts if I only surrender.

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