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Communication, Confidence, Faith, Willpower 

Colour: Blue

Location of the Chakra: Throat area

Body: Throat, thyroid, parathyroid, trachea, mouth, teeth, gums, jaw, neck vertebrae and oesophagus.

Function: To give us the ability to communicate in a true, and honest sense. There is so much VALUE in our individual expression. It’s essence is faith – faith in our fears or faith in the divine, the choice is yours.

If unbalanced, you may experience: Vulnerability, fear of open spaces, fear of boundlessness and an absence of flow. Blocked or forced expression, mood swings, judgement, criticism, suppression, hormonal disorders and self-pity. An unbalance will effect your choice and strength of will; a lack in faith, knowledge and capacity to make decisions.

Stimulants (how to balance this Chakra): Bring the colour BLUE (sky or bright) forcefully into your life. Use your words; sing, speak, lecture, act, chant, write and journal. Express yourself! Engage in meaningful conversations. Say what you mean and listen in silence.

Affirmation to repeat to yourself:“I WILL”…

Note: Model wears Rose Gold Throat Chakra necklace.


925 Sterling Silver

9kt Yellow Gold


Charm size: 1cm


This listing is for the CHARM ONLY.

Special feature: You can interchange the charm when you feel the desire to focus on a different Chakra. If you are wanting a chain, purchase the Throat Chakra Necklace.



6 reviews for THROAT CHAKRA

  1. Pippa Kent
    5 out of 5


    Adore this charm. I wear it all the time and it looks great with my other charm as well. The silver is beautiful too. xo

  2. Julie
    5 out of 5


    These charms hold so much meaning and I adore adding to my set over time. It’s a beautiful tactile reminder (I always find myself holding the little charm on the chain as I wear it!) to lean into the messages your body is sending you through your chakras and to give your body and soul support where it’s needed. And Violet Gray itself is one of the most heart-led, Soulfull businesses I have ever had the pleasure to support. LOVE! X

  3. Samantha Ball
    5 out of 5


    As I’ve been collecting this set piece by piece I’ve developed a special connection with each one as I’ve received them. I find myself reaching for this piece when I need to speak my truth. Especially a favourite with interviews!

  4. Emma
    5 out of 5


    I love my gold throat chakra charm. I wear it around my neck every day to remind me to move through the world with the confidence to express myself. It gets a lot of attention and I also often get asked where I got it. Simple yet beautiful!

  5. Misty Johnson
    5 out of 5


    I came across this charm at the perfect time. I felt stagnant in speaking up. My throat chakra charm reminds me each day to speak up and more importantly with truth. I change between this and my sacral charm as I see fit. They work a charm, and on top of that they look beautiful xoxo

  6. Chantelle Dawn
    5 out of 5


    Love my throat chakra charm. I wear here when I know I need an extra boost in communication. Blessed!

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