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Everyday in the world of Violet Gray, we receive kindness.
In the form of emails, messages, comments on social media, face to face feedback.
And your words blow us away.
You see, our creations aren’t so much about ‘how they look’ – although we do strive to always create and offer high quality, original, beautiful treasures.
Violet Gray is about ‘how they make you feel’.
We move away from the physical and into the internal, crafting to evoke happiness and love from the inside. We aim to create for connection – so when you catch a glimpse of your piece, you are reminded of your own intentions and therefore, reconnecting with yourself and what is important to you.
As a brand we would rather celebrate the WHY and HOW rather than the WHO.
We believe we are all equal regardless of status, fame, number of followers.
So, here we share some of the emails and experiences that you have sent to us.
We love to hear from you – if you have a story or feedback to offer, please send them to us :
And then, you may just see your words on this page.
Love letters from ladies that wear Violet Gray, all over the world.


“Abundant – I am indeed!! My gorgeous husband:

For Mother’s Day – a beautiful custom creation representing my 5 children;

For my birthday – the Healing Mala (so tactile and beautiful);

And just because – my Citrine Abundant I Am ring….

Grateful…. much?

And to you for the extra hand-made treasure – the choice of stones perfect for me and so delicate and lovely – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! Your pieces not only inspire me, they REMIND me to be inspired, be real, be calm, be content, be me.

Much love to you all,

Louise xx “

Louise, NSW Australia – May 2016

” Hi beauties!

I have been meaning to email you all year so forgive my tardiness! I just recently ordered your ‘Love Is Me’ ring for my friends birthday (which she LOVED) & it reminded me to send you this note.  At Christmas I had decided to buy my bestie a chakra necklace as her gift. I studied all the necklaces for SO LONG and decided that she DEFINITELY needed the Solar Plexus one. I was certain. Anyway fast forward a few days & it showed up in the mail. I opened it and it was the Base Chakra. I double checked my order to make make sure I had ordered the right one, I checked the packing slip in the box & they both said Solar Plexus. So I thought oh well I’ll just have to send it back & swap it. 

Then I read about the Base Chakra and I realised that I had been sent the right necklace all along. When I gave it to her and explained the story she just smiled and said ‘so they chose it’ and indicated to the sky. It was perfect and exactly what she needed. She wears it everyday. 

To make this story even better – this was when you were sending out gifts with some people’s orders for Christmas and I was lucky enough to receive one of your bracelets. It was the Solar Plexus bracelet. What I obviously needed not my friend. 

I hope you get a little kick out of this story. I love your jewellery so much and what it stands for. Keep on creating amazing things for the world. 


Jane, QLD Australia – May 2016

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One Comment

  • Jen

    July 31, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    Dear Alex & Frances,
    I’ve been wanting to share the love I have for your amazing creations. I feel like when I buy a piece of Violet Gray jewellery, I buy a little piece of love.
    I know your gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces are dreamt up, designed and in some cases hand-beaded personally by one of you – it’s very special to have that in these days of mass produced jewellery!
    I have bought many lovely pieces over the years and without exception my friends comment how beautiful they are and want to know where I got them.
    Each stone or Chakra has a purpose and I love to choose a different piece to wear each day, depending on what kind of help I need and how I want to feel. I feel joy, love and peace whenever I wear my beloved VG jewellery.
    Keep inspiring, creating, and doing what you do Alex & Frannie – you are bright and beautiful shining stars!
    Much love, Jen x

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