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The Support


Violet Gray is surrounded by a generous and kind international community, you guys make this possible.

We are so thankful for the heartfelt testimonials that we receive each and every day.

Firstly, meet our Violet Gray Ambassadors and then read on for more beautiful experiences:


Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Devout Yogi and Author.



“These sisters creations aren’t just dainty; beautiful; feminine – they’re intentional masterpieces; works of (literal) art. I mean it when I say that there isn’t a day that VG isn’t adorned on my wrists and fingers. The love and devotion that Alex and Frances infuse into this staggering jewellery makes me feel as though it’s part of my DNA, somehow. They are THAT precious to me”.


Find TARA here :
IG :: @tara_bliss / @letusfeedyouorganics

Life and Blog Coach, Passion Fueled Writer, Mentor and Speaker.



“Finding the words to explain my love of Violet Gray is no easy feat. Where to start? How to do these beautiful pieces justice? When you make a commitment to show up and live every day with intention, an inevitable by-product of that is the desire to feel fully supported on the journey. And that’s exactly how I feel when I’m wearing these soul-spun creations”.


Find RACH here :
IG :: @rachelmacdonald

Traveller, Writer, Designer, Creative Genius.



“Violet Gray creations are more than pretty, and more than expression. They are intention – peace – beauty – stories.

Wearing Violet Gray feels sacred. I just have to reach to my throat, and hold my chakra charm to come back to myself and reconnect. Immediately, I feel still, intent, and… pure. Wearing Violet Gray makes me feel like I can reach out into the air, grasp an idea – any idea – and bring it to manifest.

In the presence of Alex and Franny, I feel connected, fully seen, and celebrated, in all of my messy, learning, naive, wandering, wild-hearted ways. They are girls after my heart. With art, grace and with unfounded joy, Violet Gray elevates the world”.


Find EMMA here :
IG :: @emmakateco

Yogi, Photographer, Mommy of small people.



“Violet Gary is more than just jewellery, Its a mood shifting confidence building, love spreading brand. Alex is a women that connects to the source of things so when she picks her crystals or designs a new piece she taps into something bigger than just another piece of jewellery, she looks for a story and delicately weaves it into the piece. My violet Gray pieces rarely leave my body since I’ve discovered them. Its an honour and privilege to be a brand ambassador”.


Find TAHL here :
IG :: @trinskyyoga

“After consciously shifting many areas of my life to reflect my values of authenticity, quality, creativity and simplicity, it felt odd to keep wearing jewellery that wasn’t aligned with a more spirited, meaningful way of living. This made me a bit sad. It was therefore felt like a miracle to discover Violet Gray’s intentional, soulful pieces that add a touch of beauty and ritual into my day. I always get so many gushing comments on my chakra charms that I proudly wear around my neck (like, I never take them off!) and it feels really special to slip something on my skin that has so much potent, feminine energy”.

Claire Baker – This is Lifeblood

“Violet Gray is the perfect combination of breathtaking original design, unquestionable quality and pure, loving intention”.

Rebecca Van Leeuwen – Soul Sister Circle

“The first time I wore Violet Gray’s Heart chakra charm, something magical happened. Immediately I felt connected and plugged into my heart in a way that deepened my interactions and presence. I was anchored in Love. So bewitched by the Chakra charms energy, I’ve gone on to purchase two more charms with the intention to collect the set. What can I say? These charms bring some kind of added alchemical nature to your being. You radiate just a little more, you dream a little grander and love a little harder”.

Lauren Aletta – Inner Hue

“Soul infused spirited jewels that honour and celebrate true beauty! Violet Gray pieces feel magical, powerful and adorning. There is intention and soul behind each piece created that can be felt as soon as it is put on. Every woman deserves to be honoured, adorned and celebrated. These intentional creations do just that… It feels like a sacred ritual every time I connect the clasp of my necklace. This is sacred jewellery designed as an anchor of love, support, beauty and magic. I love my Violet Gray”.

Lorien Waldron – Wholesome Loving Goodness

“I am totally in love with my VG treasures for so many reasons. Apart from the fact that these jewels are stunning, they are all created and filled with intention and love and you can feel that when you wear them. I love the simplicity and the fact that each piece is very special to me for different reasons. Let’s just say I am a VG groupie and I can’t get enough of these gorgeous creations”.

Sara Rice – Ocean Love Yoga

“Through the sisters own creativity, intuition and passion plus a whole lot of heart, soul and loving intention – the Violet Gray range not only looks beautiful, but makes you FEEL beautiful. When wearing Violet Gray, I feel connected, spiritual and powerful. There is a sense of calm, balance and purpose when your wrist or neck is adorned in a touch of VG. Life is a whole lot sweet with Violet Gray”.

Amelia Williams – Nurture and Shine

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