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Until now, I have been feeling at a loss with my blog. How can I create a positive contribution to the world with this space, rather than building a bubble that will take away from it? I have been sitting on the fence about this and although I write a lot, the lack of clarity and direction has been evident in my daily scribbles. I felt a lack of flow and ease, until today. So, I’ve just deleted my previous posts. Let’s start this again.


My focus today is… we all suffer from the same shit.  Full stop.


It was whilst chatting to my very wise [and younger] sister, when I realised that this is a space to address the statement above. We all share the same basic struggles, the same insecurities and desires. I find this to be true in my work as a creator/designer, when I am corresponding with many women on a daily basis. I am often sharing the same strategies over and again and advising about the benefits of the same powerful stones. Then a light bulb went off. Rather than keep this guidance to an isolated few, this is the space where I can share these strategies that I myself live by and recommend to others in everyday life.

Initially when I begin to work with someone in a custom-creation process, I’m always asked questions directly related to crystals [which I love] but often what is really needed to accompany the crystal advise, is just a few love-filled strategies on how to cope with the intentions that one is specifically seeking. I really love crystals and I do wholeheartedly believe that they can provide a life-changing force for your world, especially when combined with the personal intention that you have chosen to attach to your rock or Violet Gray piece.

My love is to create beautiful things. Beautiful intentional, healing pieces for beautiful, individual women. And because my pre-design process is so intentional, there is a degree of counseling that comes along with it [with both custom pieces and our range]. I by no means pretend to have any answers but if you can walk away from reading these entries feeling in someway a little more inspired, than my purpose has been fulfilled.

Today, lets briefly talk about energy, protection, and the difference between feeling deflated as opposed to feeling inspired. For example, when interacting with another,  your energetic response is:

“I just don’t want to be around them” as opposed to “their presence is luminous and I cannot get enough of that person.”  You have felt this?  So has everybody! Neither response is good nor bad, the person that we feel this natural reaction towards is neither good nor bad and your reaction is yours, not theirs. But how can we protect our energy level in this situation.

We as humans are actually capable of existing in two [or more] realities, simultaneously. We exist in the present situation and often, in a completely different reality in our own mind. If we have a positive mindset even when we find ourselves in a deflated environment, ideally, we should be able to maintain our positive internal state. But, we do not all possess this strong, unbreakable connection with our soul that leaves us feeling unaffected by the external world. And that’s okay!

So often I am asked: “how can I protect myself from others?”


A few tips, things that I have discovered, from me, the Mumma of VG:

1. Know that you are responsible. No other person can ‘force you’ to feel anything. They cannot penetrate your bubble, or hurt you. Unless you allow them to. We do this to ourselves. Own that thought and immediately you will feel less resentful and more compassionate and empowered.

2. Spend time being present. Connect with yourself and monitor how you feel in situations. Does it make you feel inspired or deflated? Decrease the deflate, increase the inspire! Pronto.  Focus on cultivating more goodness and the goodness will flow.

3. Establish inspiration-fueled boundaries with yourself. We all have people in our lives that, without meaning to, just leave us feeling deflated. For example, family that you cannot divorce [easily]. Realise that their issues are about themselves, not you. Try not to take it personally. If you know that interacting with this person leaves you feeling drab, limit your interactions. See them when your energy levels are high and create a protective shield around your own energy field.

4. STONES: My favourite recommendation for this purpose, is the mighty Labradorite! Just as beautiful as it is mystical and powerful. Known to be a ‘bringer of light’, a stone of ultimate protection. It deflects negative energy and protects the wearer from energy leakage. Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible writes that Labradorite also “…strengthens faith in the self, trust in the universe and removes other peoples’ projections, including thought forms that may have hooked onto your energetic field.” Wear the stone or simply purchase a piece that yells [energetically] “you must have me!” Then proceed to purchase this magical piece and keep it close to you.


What makes you feel inspired? This week, consciously aim to bring more of whatever this is into your space!

Until next time xx


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