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Happy August! July has been a month of growth and expansion and putting in the time. We are learning to lean into the flow. Sometimes it’s hard work, but then a glimmer of light shines through… and you know the path is leading towards something larger. And, it will all be worth it.

This month we excitedly launched our ‘Injection Range’ and love that you had as much fun as we did as we released a few new, mysterious pieces a week, over the course of a 4 week period. As we’ve said in our newsletter (have you subscribed?) our subscribers hear everything first!

This is our next installment of our Love List series where we share some of the things that got our hearts pumping this month (click here for AprilMay, & June Love Lists).

We really enjoy compiling these Love Lists for you. Wishing you all a wonderful August. Let’s go….



Watching: We saw and were inspired by the short film The Voyagers about Carl Sagan and the chance of love. To balance this out, we also got hooked on a Netflix series called ‘Animal Kingdom’. Um, when is the next ep already? (Love a reality TV escape!) 


Listening to: Another new playlist with songs we’ve been loving in July. We’re also crushing on VÉRITÉ – her most recent album ‘Somewhere in Between‘ is GOLD.


Crystal(s) we are loving: We started a new blog series called ‘Crystals at a Glance‘ where we explore a few the crystals (from new VG jewellery) and their energetic properties. This includes Garnet, Rose Quartz, and Labradorite. Additionally, we have to say that we are crushing hard on Australian Opal right now.


Quote that stuck with us: You might have seen this quote on our Instagram & in our newsletter from @atticuspoetry: “it always pays to dwell slowly on the beautiful things and the more beautiful the more slowly”. A potent reminder that pulled a few heart-strings.


Favourite Ritual: Sometimes the simplest ritual is surrounding ourselves with what inspires and centers us. We put together some of our top picks for making your own DIY Ritual Kit to help you bring back intention into your day-to-day.


Most loved VG jewellery this month: It’s hard to pick! The Love Heals Rose Quartz ring, A Balanced Heart Chakra stack, and the Grateful Triad Clear Quartz ring were some of the most loved in our latest release. Head on over to the ‘NEW’ section of our online store, a few SOLD OUT super quickly but we will be restocking some of them soon.


Excited for: Over this past month we launched our Injection Range and we’ve been loving your response! August brings crochet talismans (oh baby!) and a very special pure gold creation that we have been dreaming up for 15 months. She encourages YOUR creativity, your intuition.. and she is a piece for a lifetime. Three cheers for bringing back the appreciation of heirlooms!


Has was your July? We’d love to hear about it!

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