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Here we find ourselves, in October… with only 81 days until Christmas.

This is our brief September ’round up’ – albeit a few days late! If you are new around this space, HI! You can read over our previous Love Lists from April through to August. Find them all sprinkled throughout the ‘Perspective’ journal category.

This month, we created and showcased our 6 minute ‘behind the scenes video’ for our Honour launch. Showing more of our creative process than ever before. If you missed it, find it HERE.

We love reflecting on the month that has been, and by sharing these posts – it keeps us accountable to actually stop and celebrate. Often in life we move on so quickly onto the next ‘big moment’ that we forget to pause. So here we are, in a moment of pause. Let’s get into it…


Watching: In full transparency, anything ‘trashy’ and stupidly mindless. The month was so large in ‘doing’ that if we did switch on Netflix, it was for complete chill time. Reality TV, guilty!

You know the feeling…


Listening to: We launched ‘Honour’ on the 24th of September, but we hosted an intimate and celebratory launch party on the 22nd of September on the Gold Coast. HERE is the playlist from our night – super jazzy and lots of blues. Different to our normal folky sounds.


Crystal(s) we are loving: We just can’t move past Tanzanite, and the ESI (Tanzanite) ring. Her colour is ridiculously captivating. More blue in colour to some, more purple to others!


Quote that stuck with us: “Measure your success only by what truely matters: your happiness and the happiness you bring to others. If today you laughed, felt inspired, or consoled a friend, smiled to a stranger, stood for a cause, or inched closer to one of your dreams, then today was a resounding success” ~ Beau Taplin.


Favourite Ritual: Simple self-care rituals, to ensure that the body is receiving extra doses of love whilst the external world is full and busy. Daily dry brushing, aromatherapy oil smothered over my whole body, mosituring my hands before bed…. Slow and nourishing exercise, teamed with lots of sleep.

I know, it sounds simple but how often do we allow these little practices to slide? Especially when we need them the most!


Excited for: Christmas! This is our busiest time of year and we LOVE receiving and sending packages all over the world.  Honour and Cherish, our last two solid gold ranges are gaining momentum and we do have one final surprise / mini release for you all…. estimating it will be around the 19th of October. Want a clue? Think silver and large stones.

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How was your September?

We love to hear from you x


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