VG Love Tales | A real gift of fate (Sarah & Dan)

These are your stories….

The real people that wear Violet Gray, in your own words, about your special love.

And also, the rings that you now own and cherish and hopefully one day far into the future, will continue to live on the hands of many generations to come. 



It had been many months since I met Dan at the front of a coffee shop at the D’bah headland to hand over his timber ring box. We had created his piece over phone and many emails, so this was the final piece to the puzzle. The ring was finally finished, and ready for him… and Sarah.

And then out of the blue, I receive an email…
“Alex, Hey! It’s Dan, remember me? I had to wait 7 or so months to patiently keep an eye on the beautiful ring hidden in my guitar case (last place she’d look) before finally having an opportunity to ask Sarah to marry me. Well, she said YES.”


This is the love story of Sarah and Dan from the Gold Coast, Australia.


Love tales, Violet Gray


Your story, lets start here… how did you meet Dan? 

I moved in with Dan as his roommate! Well, technically I had met him very briefly at a work Christmas party a year or so prior, we were both in relationships then and I knew he was a nice guy but didn’t think much of it. In a ‘sliding doors’ type scenario, our paths had been so close to crossing many times but didn’t until the timing was perfect for both of us – a real gift of fate.

Our families are both from the same small town in country South Australia, we both went to the same uni and we worked at the same hospital, but still, we’d never met. Until, I was looking for a new start, a calm safe place and the Currumbin Creek drew me straight in – which happened to be Dan’s backyard.

The week I had contemplated moving, Dan posted up a photo of his place on the creek looking for a roommate (the exact same ad I had seen 12 months prior but not acted on).

I moved in with him in August 2017 and we haven’t been apart since.


Which ring did you receive?

Dan gifted me a beautiful white gold, pear shaped sapphire ring. Sapphire is my birth stone (my favourite stone) and there’s a small emerald on the inside band symbolising Dan.


Love tales, Violet Gray


Tell us, how did your Bespoke ring come to you? 

Dan’s sweet and authentic nature makes him a terrible liar, so I was extremely suspicious (and hopeful!) that it was to happen on the particular weekend in question, but with a great backstory and a couple of friend’s dressed up in cheeky disguise he managed to pull off the most romantic and amazing surprise.

He took me down to Currumbin Creek, a place we treasure as our meeting point and a place that feels like home to both of us. He spoke from the heart and then signalled for a giant sign to fall from the bridge saying “Sarah, will you marry me?”.

I’m not often lost for words, but his grand romantic gesture completely floored me.

We both cried as I turned around and found him on one knee, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so happy in all my life. I was so surprised it took me a moment to remember to say yes!

A close friend (dressed as an unsuspecting fisherman nearby) managed to capture the moment and for that, I’m so grateful (his disguise also gave us a huge laugh).


Love tales, Violet Gray


Did you know that *she had been organised for you? 

I had no idea. I had suspicions and hopes but we had never really properly discussed it. Dan is incredibly thoughtful and knows me well though and made the most perfect choice.


When you look down at your hand and see your ring, what does she symbolise to you? 

I don’t think I’ve stopped looking at her since her gave it to me!

I’m just so in love with this ring!

When I look at her I see Dan’s love and get filled with all the warm and fuzzies that come with that, our commitment to each other, the creek with the healing powers of the blue water plus all the joy that we bring each other every single day.


Any final words?

I know life isn’t always perfect and we’ve sure as hell had our challenges just like anyone else, but my relationship with Dan has always been easy and just felt ‘right’. He feels like home.

He really is my best friend – someone who is just as weird, if not weirder than me and for that, I appreciate him endlessly.


Love tales, Violet Gray


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