VG Love Tales | A Year of Yoga (Sheila & Tim)

These are your stories….

The real people that wear Violet Gray, in your own words, about your special love.

And also, the rings that you now own and cherish and hopefully one day far into the future, will continue to live on the hands of many generations to come. 



Tim would come to my Yoga classes in Brisbane and for almost a year, I guess neither of us realised the fond affection that we both felt.

A few mutual friends not so gently started ‘hinting’ at both of us – and after a few ‘friendly’ beach trips and meals (and even a tattoo), it become clear.

Our connection, so clear.

And we have never looked back.


This is the love story of Sheila and Tim from Brisbane, Australia. 


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Which ring did you receive?

I wear Prana ~ Aquamarine set in 14k rose gold.

As soon as I saw the stone in one of your posts I knew. She hadn’t even been created yet, but her peaceful, oceanic clarity spoke to me straight away.

I don’t even know how long ago that was, but I remember I sent the image to Tim… and to my best friend just letting her know that if he ever asked for her opinion, this was it.


Tell us, how did she come to you? 

Even though I had sent that hint, I had no idea at all that Tim was readying himself to propose.

We had our small Sonny boy with us now, and although I knew one day we’d officially celebrate our commitment to one another (we both adore a wedding) it wasn’t even on my mind. But secretly, Tim had been working with you on my ring, Alex, for months, and of course you had a tiny little Sully in your world so you both had to be creative around how to land the ring in Tim’s hands.

When the plan for our families to ‘bump into’ each other while we were down on the Gold Coast over my birthday was turned upside down by weather, a dear friend of mine ended up (totally oblivious by the way) on your doorstep to collect a carefully camouflaged package.

When my birthday and our ‘2 year coupling’ anniversary arrived on the 25th of February, Tim played it cool as our day out was completely derailed by our fussy bub, and even though none of his plans went to plan, a stolen quiet moment at home, alone together, while Sonny finally slept was all he needed for it to be perfect.

I was speechless, blown away, enamoured.

He listens to me, he sees me, he knows me, in a way I’d never imagined someone could


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When you look down at your hand and see your ring, what does she symbolise to you? 

A love that is as pure, as deep and as powerful as the seas.

When I look down at my ring, that’s what I see.

I’ve been admiring and adorning myself in Violet Gray since her very beginning, so really Prana is right at home where she is.

And when she was added to the Violet Gray online collection and you sent me her name, you were right.

She was made for me, just like my darling.

I’m just so grateful he walked into my yoga class that first fateful day..


Love Stories, Online Jewellery

Love Stories, Online Jewellery


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