Ring Sizing Guide

We absolutely love to craft and cater for all ring sizes ~ the majority of our offerings are ‘made to order’ and therefore crafted to any measurement needed. If you have measured your ring size and you land outside the 3 x standardised options below, please select ‘Custom Ring Size’ and add notes when you reach the Violet Gray cart.

Note: We are an Australian brand and manufacture all rings in Australia, therefore base our sizing off Australian Measuring Tools. If you are an international customer and in doubt, it is always best to measure the internal diameter of a ring that fits your finger and refer to the millimetre sizing as ring measurements are (frustratingly) not always universal. 

Violet Gray Ring Size Australia / UK USA / Canada Internal Diameter (mm)
Small L 5.5 16.10mm
Medium N 6.5 16.92mm
Large P 7.5 17.75mm


(Or, my partner's!)

There are a few key ways that you can work out what ring size you need. See below for a number of ways to go about it.

1. If you know your size already, you can refer straight to the Official International Ring Size Conversion Chart.

2. If you don’t know your ring size yet, you can use an existing ring to measure the inside diameter of a ring you currently wear with a ruler. Make sure you measure from the very inside edges of your ring. Then match your mm measurement in the conversion chart above.

3. Have your fingers professionally sized. Drop down to your local jeweller and ask kindly to have your fingers professionally sized. You will obtain the most accurate size this way.

Tip: We do advise having the finger that the ring will be worn on sized, as fingers vary slightly in measurement. Ask for the measurement of the size in mm also. Then, compare your sizes to our sizing conversion chart above.

4. Alternatively, you can also receive our ring sizer (featured in the video above) complementary with free shipping right HERE.

Need more TIPS on how to secretly and subtlety work out her ring size in secret?