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Simplicity, Integrity, Connection.

These are our guiding lights.

Our HEART is our compass.

May Violet Gray strive to always move in alignment.


Our purpose is to not simply add another product to the unnecessary mass consumerism of the world but to rather offer something of significant and personal meaning in your life.

Our brand’s foundation is built on honesty, integrity, purpose and passion.

We use the highest quality of materials to ensure your piece withstands your journey. Conscious selection is an important factor in our world and wherever possible, the gemstones used are naturally occurring over synthetically treated ones.

Moving forward, this is becoming even more important to us.

We travel to far away lands, navigating tiny streets to source the highest quality stones. This is uncompromised.

We aim to promote artisan traditions; honouring and sharing their practises with the world. We work locally in Australia as much as possible and also overseas with conscious companies. We personally know every supplier we work with.

We respect and value all co-creators and believe that we are all in this together.

Our Mission

Violet Gray has a simple and pure aim: to create talismans that will be cherished. Not at the cost of exploiting others or the land.

To operate from a place of heart and intuitively recognise when a piece has a sacredness.

To pursue our dreams and in the process, inspire others to do the same.

May our creations remind you of this.

Anything is possible.

You are possibility.