The Violet Gray Story

Violet Gray, she is a real person. 

She is 6 years old and the designer’s niece.

The brand born from the birth of this little lady. 

It all started with a bowl of beads and an intention to create a piece that represented love, connection and strength. A piece from one sister to another, that would be sent across the world.

From there… we have grown.

Alexandra Olsen
Violet Gray is the love child of Australian Designer, Alexandra Olsen.

The pieces are simple, delicate and created from high grade metals and genuine gemstones. The concepts deeply rooted in spirituality, connection, romanticism and symbolism, making them feel sacred and powerful to wear.

“Jewellery has potency. It is one of the oldest forms of decorative art and since ancient times has been utilised as a key form of self-expression across cultures. It is a way of sharing our unique selves.

Combine the vibrational energies of stones and metal with a personal meaning, a personal intention for the piece, and the wearer creates a portal which connects their internal and external worlds.” 

Jewellery dreamt up and created to exceed aesthetic presence.

The significance of Violet Gray’s cherished pieces stems from the wearer’s own private relationship with their piece. Our jewellery becomes the tactile (and personalised) reminder for the positive changes, beliefs, focus or manifestations that each wearer intends on bringing into their life.

For as long as Alex can remember she has been raised (and encouraged) to lead an unconventional life; one governed by creativity, philosophical conversation and passion. With a core desire to connect with JOY and passion every day and infuse this into all that she creates, Violet Gray is fuelled with this very same trailblazing energy and aspiration.

Since the very beginning, Violet Gray has grown and evolved in both product line and values. It is a label that has become globally recognised for the intention infused in every stage of creation. More than jewellery and ceremonies, Violet Gray is a way of life.

Thank you for being a part of the Violet Gray journey.

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