To our beautiful Violet Gray community,

It is our brand commitment to continue to learn about and implement conscious practices that have a positive impact on our environment, our future, and the future generations to come.

While we are still not perfect, we strive every day to be better than we have been.

Giving Back I=CHANGE

The more we come together and join forces, the more positive change we can create. We are passionate about giving when we receive.

In 2022 we have become a proud partner of I=CHANGE, a global platform that allows our customers to gives back and create significant change with their purchase.

Each time you purchase from Violet Gray you can choose to support a safe childbirth, restore a persons vision or nurture our motherland in Australia, from where we live and create from.

Going Green

Our tree-top studio is completely fueled by the sun, ensuring that our power needs are met in a sustainable way.

We use 100% plastic free packaging; a considered and intentional combination of recycled or recyclable cardboard, recycled kraft brown paper (instead of bubble wrap) and paper packaging tape.

Each purchase is hand-packaged and ECO protected for a safe journey to you. 

Further more, we use recycled office materials where we can and are always looking to choose more sustainable options.

Manufacturing and Materials : Trusted and Aligned Suppliers

We are committed to sourcing high grade Australian metals and Earth grown, vibrant precious / semi-precious gemstones in our collections.

All rings are made in Australia – working locally with our talented craftsmen jewellers. They are made using Australian metals and we source Australian stones where possible, or from trusted Australian gemstone suppliers. When we do source gemstones offshore, quality is of the highest importance to Violet Gray. We trace where possible and aim to continue to dive deeper into the supply chains of the stones we use.

With knowledge, curiosity and a commitment, we can only get better from here.

Repurposing and Recycling Metal

We are excited to be able to offer this new initiative, where unused metals can be recycled and repurposed, and mindful creation continues to be an important driving force behind what we offer. 

So how does it work?
Firstly, reach out to us via email and we can chat about what you have to repurpose. We organise to receive your pieces in which we can estimate the value, before we remove any gemstones (of which you can use in new pieces too).

From there if you are happy to proceed, we remove your gemstones and we issue you a credit that can then be used with Violet Gray.

Moving Slower : Quality Over Quantity​

Our purpose is to not simply add another product to the unnecessary mass consumerism of the world but to rather offer something deeply meaningful and long-lasting in your life. A piece that you can pass on to the generations to follow you. 

We ship weekly.

This is not a fast fashion brand and by shipping once per week we can limit unnecessary travel and therefore carbon emissions. This process also ensures that we can pour the love and consideration into the packaging of your pieces that you deserve.

May we all slow down and take a little more time to breathe. More to come as we continue to evolve…