No act of kindness,
no matter how small,
is ever wasted.
~ Aesop

At Violet Gray we believe that when we all work together we are able to create ripples of powerful change. We are committed to making a conscious difference to our world and to contributing to our community and so from August 2022, we have partnered with i = change to help create a positive impact every time you shop with us.

For every purchase you make with us, we will donate $2 to a life changing project.


Here’s how it works:

Simply make a purchase with Violet Gray

When you checkout, you can select which charity you would like to give back to and help create change (you get to choose 1 out of our 3 chosen projects, more insight below). 

It is a platform and partnership based on transparency, so for each cause you can actually track how much we have raised and see your donation come through.

This initiative is for you. For us. For all.


” We are passionate about giving when we receive. About protecting the most vulnerable (and birth), restoring vision and nurturing our motherland in Australia, from where we live and create from.”

Alex – Founder of Violet Gray

Restore the land

Partnership: Greening Australia

Help replant our natural habitat and create quality habitat for native wildlife and restore degraded farmland.

Greening Australia aims to restore 330,000 hectares of native trees across Australia by 2030. Drawing on the expert input of Traditional Owners, scientists and local land managers, they will plant 500 million trees and shrubs to store carbon, create quality habitat for native wildlife, and restore degraded farmland. These 500 million trees and shrubs will absorb over 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year by 2030, and reduce atmospheric carbon pollution.

This is one of the world’s largest and most ambitious ecological restoration programs.

IMPACT: $50 plants enough trees and shrubs to store 1 tonne of carbon dioxide

Provide a safe birth

Partnership: Send Hope Not Flowers

Give the gift of a safe birth and help mother’s survive childbirth across the developing world.

Hope Not Flowers works with Australian Dr. Barry Kirby in remote Milne Bay Province, PNG. We gift families with a Baby Bundle to incentivise mothers to come to a health clinic to give birth. The bundle is filled with basic supplies for mother and baby – and includes the $5 cost for delivery at the clinic. The Baby Bundle project is directly responsible for a 78% decrease in the maternal death rate in the region.

Send Hope Not Flowers is dedicated to helping mothers survive childbirth across the developing world.

IMPACT: $30 buys a Baby Bundle to ensure safe childbirth


The Fred Hollows Foundation supports increased investment and access to culturally appropriate eye care services to remote and underserved Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. More specifically, The Foundation supports training, education, screening and treatment to improve Indigenous Australian eye health.

IMPACT: $25 improves Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health