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APRIL 2017

REMINDER : The Violet Gray store is disabled during the month of April 2017, whilst we work ‘behind the scenes’.

This means that you cannot purchase any products (excluding event tickets) during this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience or frustration that this may cause. 

We will be (re)launching bigger and better soon! Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop.



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Let’s just be okay with who we are. How would that feel? For some, they are there. For most, this will be a lifetime full of (self) love and continuous acceptance. And celebration. Let’s just sink into our bodies and be grateful for all of the creases, the veins, the bumps and curves. The grey […]

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An open letter to my sister…

I entered the password to get into our back end of our site. Clicked on ‘Posts’ with the intention of creating a new one, one to go with the video that we fumbled through filming yesterday. And then I found this draft, just sitting here and waiting – a letter that I scripted the day we […]

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A day that led to change….

Written by Alex.  (The aftermath of a big reveal via our VG newsletter) A few weeks ago. It was a Friday and unusually, I took the day off. It had been scheduled, it was clear I needed a little break day. I had been working 6 days a week for maybe 2 months (?) and […]

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Are you dream deficient?

  Eat healthy. Take enough rest. Improve your sleep quality. Be social. Eat your greens. Drink your water. Read your books. Do. Do. Do   For years, I followed all the rules: I was eating the recommended amount of veggies, no screen time after the sun went down, eight glasses of water a day, enough […]

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