What Is Acrostic Jewellery?

Acrostic jewellery, have you heard of it before? 

We hadn’t either… until one night when I was flipping through a Jewellery design book getting lost in the history of adorning our bodies as the house was quiet and the light low. And then like any moment of alignment, a spark flows through my body as I see a ring crafted in the 1800’s and I know that this old concept will be something that we pursue.

It is an ode to wearing the unspoken.

A subtle yet romantic way to connect in with what is important to you and then wearing this personal sentiment in a physical form. 

Acrostic jewellery was first introduced in the Georgian era, and it quickly became popular among the elite class. The concept of Acrostic jewellery is simple; each letter of the alphabet is represented by a particular gemstone that starts with that same letter.. The first letter of each gemstone then spells out a secret message or sentiment, such as historically “DEAREST” or “REGARD”.

For example, “DEAREST” was a popular sentiment and could be spelt using Diamond – Emerald – Amethyst – Ruby – Emerald – Sapphire – Tanzanite or other alternatives depending on the budget and time of creation (simulate or man made stones were very popular in times where money wasn’t available in excess). 

It’s a beautiful way to wear your heart on your sleeve, or in this case, your jewellery.

If you’re looking for a special gift for a loved one or yourself, consider Acrostic jewellery.
It’s a really meaningful and sentimental way to show your affection!

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