Are you dream deficient?



Eat healthy.

Take enough rest.

Improve your sleep quality.

Be social.

Eat your greens.

Drink your water.

Read your books.

Do. Do. Do


For years, I followed all the rules: I was eating the recommended amount of veggies, no screen time after the sun went down, eight glasses of water a day, enough rest, and a practice of mindfulness and meditation.

I should have felt like a million bucks!

But I wasn’t. I was lacking vitamin D.

No, I’m not talking about the one that our body co-creates with the Sun.

I’m talking about DREAMS.

No, I’m not talking about the ones our mind co-creates with the Moon.

I’m talking about BIG DREAMS.


Dreams about quitting your job and starting that organic soap shop that you always wanted.
Dreams about moving to the other side of the world because it is calling your name.
Dreams about doing a ten-year long road trip in an old Volkswagen Camper.
Dreams about writing a book, coaching other people, becoming a photographer or a journalist.
Dreams about starting a community of like-minded people who share a passion for Nature.
Dreams of becoming a wizard when you are nine or a yoga teacher when you are ninety.

I was suffering from a dream deficiency, which is unfortunately very common.

Not having crazy big dreams to work towards and be passionate about can disturb your sleep, your mood, the decisions you make daily, the choice of your books, your food, and even your social life.

We keep our minds and our thoughts — which are infinite — on such a short leash.

We seek only for the known.

Screw the known. Screw the norm. 


Let us dive into the deepness of the unknown.

Let us be in awe of our possibilities.

Let us dream dreams of infinite measure.

My dreams were about pine trees, and to follow wherever they would take me.

In my dreams, I was doing work that I love, surrounded by animals and misty forests.

I saw myself writing books and inspiring people, spending each day in connection with the earth, deepening my respect and understanding for her.

When I was dreaming these dreams, I felt like they could never become my actual reality.

But they did.

So please darling, dream a little dream, or even better…dream big.