Intuitive Guidance

So you are hearing this word “CHAKRA” being thrown around everywhere and you are intrigued, but you know very little about it?

Perfect. Why?

Because often when we are storing too much knowledge that we have read or been told by another in our head, we loose connection with the ‘feeling’ and it is only through feeling, that we are able to connect with our Chakras.

That wise old Rumi once said, ‘The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear’. We believe this. The more time you spend looking for the answers externally, the less connected you will feel to yourself.

Discernment takes practice.


We have created a little ‘Intuitive Guidance’ exercise to assist you.

Making it clear – we cannot tell you which Chakra is out of balance, or which Chakra you ‘should’ be working on. It is only through connecting with ourselves that we can truly feel what we each need. May we never feel like we can solve another’s questioning, but we can offer the resources to guide you home… back to yourself. And that is a gift that keeps on giving.


So if you are intrigued and want to learn more (from our perspective), head on over to our THE CHAKRAS page. It is here that we break down the concept really simply and then at the base of the page, you will find our beautifully, intuitively created Mandalas. We invite you to follow the directions and then get quiet. Connect with yourself.

As Rumi professes, it won’t take long before you can hear (and feel).