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crystals at a glance - morganite


We continue to learn about crystals and their energetic properties. And we’ve created this ‘Crystals at a Glance‘ series to help you fall in love with these gems as well!

The funny thing is that the more you think you know, the more there is to learn. And it is great to intellectualise stones and their history, but the real learning – it happens through feeling them and analysing your own experience.

** If you are new to stones, our Intention based guide has additional insight on working with crystals and their energetic properties.

Let’s dive deep. Hello stone of Love, MORGANITE.


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Name: Morganite (or Rose Beryl), also known as ‘Pink Emerald‘.

Origin of the Name: Named after the well known American financier J.P. Morgan who was also a mineral collector, with ‘ite‘ denoting ‘of something‘, so the stone’s name ‘Morganite‘ translates to ‘of Morgan

Interesting fact: In 1989, the largest crystal of Morganite (or Rose Beryl) was discovered in Maine weighing more than 22 kilograms. This special find became known as the ‘Rose of Maine‘.

Found: This stone was first mined in Madagascar in 1902. Deposits of this gem can be found in Madagascar, Brazil, Africa, and the United States.

Core Message: Compassion, Divine Love, Emotional Healing, Peace.

Colour: Typically found in the colours of light pink to shades of rose, but can also be seen in  peach or purple/pink shades.

Birthstone: Morganite is not a traditional birthstone but can be considered a zodiac birthstone for those born in Taurus // 19th of April – 20th of May & Cancer //20th of June – 22nd of July.

Spiritual Benefits: Morganite is connected with the Heart Chakra, this rare stone opens up the heart and reminds us of vastness of the cosmic love in which we exist. Love is all around us. 

Emotional Benefits: This gem can help one move away from judgement and can bring in a sense of peace, joy, and inner strength. It is beneficial to use this stone for emotional healing and inner work and can help bring about peace, especially during loss. Morganite can also assist in finding or attracting a soul mate.

Physical Benefits: Morganite can help strengthen one’s energy field and aura, and also support the actual (physical) heart.


Morganite Jewellery

Morganite Jewellery


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Stone Photo Sources (left to right): Bini International / Healing Crystals / Violet Gray