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In our Crystals at a Glance series we provide you with insight into some of our favourite precious and semi-precious stones we love and are inspired by. We love being guided by intuition and intention, and that is exactly what we incorporate when choosing stones, as well as designing and wearing jewellery.

We hope that when you purchase Violet Gray jewellery, you are reminded of how amazing you are and that you love and cherish these talisman for years to come.

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Let’s get to know the mystical and divine feminine stone that is RAINBOW MOONSTONE.


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Name: Rainbow Moonstone

Origin: Used for centuries, the Rainbow Moonstone was also used by ancient civilizations such as the Romans & Greeks who associated this precious stone with their lunar deities.

(Interesting fact): In India, Moonstone has always been considered as sacred – for lovers. Many moons ago (ha!), it is believed that if they placed this stone in their mouth when the moon was full in the sky, it would allow them to see their future. Did it work?

Found: Deposits of the Rainbow Moonstone can be found around the world including Australia, Armenia, India, Madagascar, Norway, Sri Lanka, Poland, Mexico, and the United States.   

Core Message: Cycles, Inner Peace, Harmony, Energetic Protection.

Colour: Rainbow Moonstone is typically transparent with a blue or multicoloured glow. The more rainbow, the better!

Birthstone: For those born in Cancer // 21 June – 22 July.

Spiritual Benefits: Commonly associated with the Crown Chakra, Rainbow Moonstone is associated with the feminine side of ourselves – therefore strengthening intuition and psychic connection.

Emotional Benefits: Helps bring clarity into our emotional self; inner peace, patience, surrender and balance.

Physical Benefits: Enhances creativity and can be helpful with living in alignment with your cycle.


Rainbow Moonstone, Ring, Silver Jewellery

Rainbow Moonstone, Earrings, Silver Jewellery


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Stone Photo Sources (left to right): Fantasia Materials (Amazon) / The Sacred Hallows / Violet Gray Design