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Today’s feature marks our 10th in our ‘Crystals at a Glance‘ series. Created to go deeper into the stones that we incorporate into our designs, daily lives and rituals.

** If you are new to stones, our Intention based guide has additional insight on working with crystals and their energetic properties.

Let’s get to know more about the emotional gems that are WHITE OPAL & WHITE PRECIOUS OPAL


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Name: White Opal & White Precious Opal

Origin of the Name: The word ‘opal‘ comes from the French ‘opale‘ and Latin ‘opalus‘, both of which are suspected to derive from the Sanskrit word ‘opala‘ which means ‘precious stone‘.

Interesting fact: The Ancient Romans linked Opal with good luck and hope. The stone has been used as far back as 250 BC. At this time, Opal was valued above all other stones and was thought to have come from India.

The national gemstone of Australia (woo!), there’s an Australian legend that claims there’s a gigantic Opal within the mines that governs the stars, the gold, and human love.

Found: Precious Opals have been mined in the former Czechoslovakia as far back as the 14th Century, but White Precious Opal is predominantly found in Australia. Deposits have also been found in Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Japan, and Nevada (USA). White Opal can be found in Oregon (USA).

Core Message: Awareness, Purification, Emotional Amplification, Joy.

Colour: One of the most popular gems, this precious stone has a milky background that enhances its multicoloured fire. The White Opal has a more solid white tone.

Birthstone: Opal is the birthstone for those born in the month of October or in Libra // 23rd of September22nd of October.

Spiritual Benefits: Associated with all of the chakras, White Opal & White Precious Opal are stones that encourages awareness and emotional purification and can help rebalance the chakras. The stones can help enhance one’s connection with spiritual guides and when the emotional body is cleared, can bring in a joyous frequency into the aura.

Emotional Benefits: White Opal & White Precious Opal helps identify emotional patterns that need to be released. Once one’s energy is cleansed, the stone brings in more JOY and can help a person become more loving and positive. Opal is a reminder to embrace the JOY in your life.

Physical Benefits: White Precious Opal can help strengthen one’s skin, fingernails, and hair. White Opal can be beneficial for those recovering from different types of abuse.


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Online Jewellery


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