Get to know our creative director behind the brand: Alexandra Olsen

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year we sat down with our Violet Gray founder Alex, on what it’s like to lead and build a feminine flow business and be a Mama of 3 little boys! 



Tell us about yourself….

My name is Alex and firstly, I am a Mum to three little boys. Violet Gray was my first child (est. in 2012) and continues to weave through and exist alongside the other parts of my life.

I am a Taurus – a lover of quality, of beauty, sentimentality and to bring a vision from a thought through to form and the history and importance behind Jewellery. 

I feel like when you have a child you temporarilty become undefined and go through a period of pondering ‘well who am I now and what do I like / enjoy / do’. After having my son Moss in late November 2023, I am in this stage again right now.. so maybe ask me again in a few months? 🙂



Share with us your story as a female founder, how did Violet Gray start and what was your vision?

I was working on a super yacht in Mallorca, Spain in 2011 and I remember the exact moment when one afternoon I was sitting up in the bridge and I thought ‘I am going to make bracelets with intentions attached to them’. At that point I had been playing around with making jewellery and selling it at markets for a few years, but I was also a gypsy at heart so would pack a bag and head off for stints around the world just travelling and experiencing.

I had planned to leave that boat season and head to Bali to follow this breadcrumb… this desire to make Jewellery but I really had no idea what that looked like or how it would evolve. I guess I am that kind of person – jumping in and allowing it to unfold, rather than having it all mapped out. And here we are… 12 years later.


How has motherhood influenced your approach to entrepreneurship and leadership within your business?

It has definitely influenced me in the way that I choose to focus on my priorities. I realise that my sons are small for such a short season and so I am very protective of my time with them. Because of this dance – juggling a family and a business – I have niched right in as I am realistic with how much time I actually have to offer to my work (which I love to do).

Right now, I am focusing on products that I love creating and offering. I keep the team small and my services intimate, so that when you create a ring with Violet Gray, you are working with me directly and it is very personalised.

Less really does feel like more right now.




What advice would you give other mothers who aspire to start a business but may feel overwhelmed or hesitant?

Well firstly, you are not alone. And it can feel like a lot. Take a moment away from your business when it does. A good nights sleep (if possible), a break from your phone. Or even just a solo cup of (hot) tea. Keep your ‘why’ in mind and allow that to guide the decisions you make. 

Do a little bit every day and remember that you do have time to launch, or scale and grow. Take your time and stay in your own lane, remembering that every person was where you are and starting out at some point in their journey.


Your a mum of 3 and also wear different hats in the business. Share with us what a day in the life looks like for you?

In this moment, my oldest son just started school and I have an (almost) 3 year old and 3.5 month old so my work hours / days are a little more fluid. I am a morning person, so right now I will often get up and work from 5 – 7am in the morning and so by the time my little men wake, I am back from my studio. 

The normal Mum stuff – with my littlest strapped onto my chest, I am making the lunches, the beds, getting the washing on and then doing the school run. We normally do something outdoors or with a friend in the morning and then home for a rest / make dinner and exercise if I get the chance. Then it is school pick up, into the afternoon and evening chaos… I will often try to jump back into Violet Gray for an hour at night as I am working on multiple Bespoke pieces at any one time. And then a shower to decompress and a few pages of reading or stretching / intentional breathwork  before sleep.

A few years ago my routine and rituals were very different (pre-kids). Life and business really is forever changing and evolving.


 Can you share a proud moment in your entrepreneurial journey that exemplifies the strength and resilience of women?

Hmmm.. I think every day that I get up and back myself in my own business is a proud moment. Or as I reflect, it should be. It isn’t easy, especially right now at this time in the world where there is so much financial fear and pressure and I work in luxury items. 

Women are so strong! And brave.


 In honour of International Women’s Day, what message or words of encouragement would you like to share with women around the world who are pursuing their dreams and making an impact in their communities?

Know that you matter. Your goals and dreams, whatever they may be, matter. 

Never abandon them. 

And, we are better together. There is enough for everyone, so support each other with open and generous hearts.