Why Intention Is More Powerful Than A Price Tag?

Around these VIOLET GRAY parts, it is no secret that we definitely do not believe that it is necessary to spend $15 000, or $100 000 on a ring in order to symbolise your love, affection or commitment.

And chances are either does your partner, because she/he has probably sent you here to our website and maybe even to read over this!

Well welcome. You and your wallet are in luck!

A beautiful ring (or piece of jewellery) gifted with sincere thought and careful consideration is a much more romantic and genuine gesture than just buying the first, the fastest and the biggest Diamond you can find on the market.

The most important thing to remember when you are considering proposing to your partner is that this ring will potentially become the most cherished piece of jewellery she/he will ever receive.

Admittedly, at times it can be tempting to fall in line with society’s view and common practice that the higher the monetary value of a product or jewellery item, the higher the significance and value of the piece itself.

While there’s nothing wrong with investing your money in an extremely high ticket product if that’s your preference, more affordable, unique and intentional pieces can actually cultivate more meaning. If your partner learns that you have taken this purchase seriously and done your homework + put some serious thought into it – my goodness, she/he will feel even MORE loved and isn’t this the point?

We know guys… this sounds ‘sappy’ and potentially far too romantic for your liking, but listen up ~ if there is once in your life where you should make a decision based on your partners preferences, this – right here – IS the time.

And this little bit of extra effort will also benefit you.

Intentional Jewellery


Buy a piece based on who she/he is as a person and then together, use the extra funds towards your wedding, your home, an epic adventure.. your honeymoon.

Consider WHO your love is as a person!

WHO you are, as a couple?

WHAT do you want this offering to represent?

WHY are you asking for her or his committed, life long devotion and love?

And now… allow us to give you more info in the next post (otherwise it might cause overwhelm!) on what you need to consider when making this purchase.

Don’t run scared, come along for the ride, okay?