We are thrilled to have the magical and sensual Juliet Allen kicking off our ‘Through the Lens’ series where we feature women that not only inspire but also embody the VG vibe.

Juliet is an author, sex & relationship coach, as well as a leading sexologist in Australia and we cannot wait for you to get to know her.

So without further ado, let’s get started!


Who is Juliet Allen?

I was going to write about what I ‘do’, and then I thought fu*ck it, they already know I’m a Sexologist, so I’ll write about who I am behind closed doors.

I’m fierce, I’m bold, I’m sometimes a little loopy, I’m highly sexual and driven by sex … but I’m also very connected to Source and my own inner Priestess. I love to love, I love being a Mumma, I love how wild and unpredictable life can be.


And in this moment, how do you spend your days?

I feel pretty damn happy to say I have created my absolute ideal lifestyle! I work from home, which means I get to spend as much time as possible with my daughter before and after school (this is my number one priority). I wake up and either exercise, or meditate (meditation for me isn’t always sitting like a monk om-ing – it’s dancing, singing, Tantric breathing, love-making and running my kundalini energy through my body). I drink coffee, and then I head to my office, burn some oils, light some sage and get to work.

‘Work’ for me is Skype coaching with clients around the world, writing articles for magazines and online publications, creating workshops, writing books … I’ve got my finger in a lot of pies, so to speak. I love every second of life, even when it’s challenging I trust that challenging days are here to teach me stuff that will allow me to grow even more as a woman.


Sex, self-pleasure, deep intimacy… are topics that don’t seem to be AS readily or openly accepted by society yet. Why is this?

Because sex is still so taboo, which is ridiculous! I think the problem is that most adults don’t feel sexually empowered, and so they then pass on a transmission of that to their children and fear educating their kids about sex in a really honest and holistic way. And there lies the problem … our children are not getting the sex education they need from their parents and teachers, and so the cycle of disempowered humans continues. Makes me so angry! My work is ALL about empowering people to live sexually empowered lives.


What led you to embrace your own sensuality and why is doing so important?

I’ve always naturally been a very sensual and sexual being. I feel most alive when I’m enjoying sex … I know that when my sex life is great, I feel my most happiest and most creative. So I always strive to have an amazing sex life, with myself and my lovers, and this then gives me inspiration to teach others how to do the same.



And what led you to becoming a coach and wanting to guide people to be sexually empowered (and connected)?

I guess there’s just so many people who feel disempowered sexually … and I’m naturally great at talking to people about this and helping them with these challenges. So becoming a sex and relationship coach came very naturally and I always feel like I’m on purpose when I’m working with my clients.


Tantra, in a nutshell. Can you shed some light?

Ohhhhhhh such a mysterious topic, sometimes I find it hard to define Tantra! For me, Tantra is choosing with awareness what brings me joy, in all areas of my life. Tantra is about embracing our sexual energy and using the power of that life force energy to live an amazing life. Tantra is about deep intimacy and connection, with everyone. Tantra has transformed everything in my life – sex, love, motherhood, work … everything!


When you are caught up in your head or just really busy / distracted in life, how do you get back to earth (and into your body)?

I meditate and feel into the wisdom of my body and what it has to tell me. I dance. I swim the ocean. I lie in the sun (one of my favourite things to do in the whole world). I have sex, with myself, or my lover.



Tips for others for embracing sensuality and being sexually empowered?

1. Deal with the ‘stuff’ that gets in the way of you truly enjoying sex. So, get yourself a coach or therapist and really dive deep into what’s holding you back.

2. Self-Pleasure. Learn how to pleasure yourself and get to the point that you are so deeply in love with yourself and your body that you being with someone else is a bonus!

3. Educate yourself about sex. Read books (I recently published ECSTATIC SEX & DEEP INTIMACY), listen to podcasts, go to workshops etc.


Do you have a favorite ritual?

I have two. One is a sex magic ritual, you can download it free on my website! Two, is a menstruation ritual – I catch my menstrual blood in a moon cup and I use the blood to manifest what I want in my life … this is SUPER POWERFUL! I’m going to write more about this on my blog soon, so stay tuned.


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We love how open and honest Juliet is, particularly about sex, sensuality, and self love.

All things that are so important but are some times not prioritised. Ahhh YES!


Where you can find Juliet –

Website :: www.juliet-allen.com

Instagram :: @juliet_allen

Photos provided by Juliet Allen



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