VG Love Tales | Oh yeah? Will you marry me? (Simi & Sheragim)

These are your stories….

The real people that wear Violet Gray, in your own words, about your special love.

And also, the rings that you now own and cherish and hopefully one day far into the future, will continue to live on the hands of many generations to come. 



Simi knew he was planning something.

She knew he was “looking” for rings but had no idea that he was designing it or that Violet Gray was the designer he had chosen to bring that vision to life.

What she did know is that Sheragim would follow his creative musings and knew her and their relationship well (and she was right!).


This is the love story of Simi and Sheragim from Toronto, Canada. 


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Which ring did you receive?

Simi: I received a bespoke 14kt White Gold, Indicolite Tourmaline engagement ring.

It was beautifully designed by my fiancé in collaboration with Alex, who sourced the Tourmaline stone for us.


Sheragim: I knew Simi’s favourite stone was Tourmaline, not to mention her favourite colour being green. We’ve been together for 7 years and I wanted the stone of be a reflection of our relationship, as well as aligned with her values, such as ethical sourcing. I learned about Violet Gray through Simi, who is a big fan of Alex’s work.

When it came time to design the ring, I wanted something unique and personal— a ring which represented us and what we mean to each other.


Tell us, how did she come to you? 

Simi: I knew Sheragim was planning something— I knew he was “looking” for rings but I had no idea that he was designing it or that Violet Gray was the designer he had chosen to bring that vision to life.

What I did know is that Sheragim would follow his creative musings and knew me and our relationship well (and I was right!).


When you look down at your hand and see your ring, what does she symbolise to you? 

Simi: I actually become really, really emotional when I look at my ring.

It’s hard to explain… but if one could create an object symbolic of their love and relationship, this ring is that for me.

When I look at her (the ring), I see the highs and challenges of our relationship, the beautiful memories we’ve created together, and the potential that the future holds for both of us.

It’s also a reminder for me that that in this lifetime, I found my soulmate.


Sheragim: I wanted the ring to have a lot of meaning.

It’s so personal; the meaning is something I want to keep between Simi and I, but I will say that the band represents the union of two souls meeting in a never ending circle.


Your proposal, will you share how it unfolded? 

Simi: I knew Sheragim was going to be my husband the second I saw him. I had set an intention a month before to meet my soulmate, and when I saw him, a voice inside my ear whispered: “Here he is.”

I wish I could explain this better, but I know so many folks can relate to this.

He proposed at our favourite lookout in the Canadian back country. I remember us sitting cliff side and, without any thought telling him how I can’t wait to be his wife. He responded back: “Oh yeah? Will you marry me?”  Cue the moment he pulls out that cute wooden box tied beautifully with a black ribbon.

Of course, I said Yes!

It was so surreal.


We’ve had so many remarkable experiences together, from living abroad in different European cities to traveling the world together, and dreaming up the life we want. We’ve been each other’s best friend, lover, admirer— that person you can’t hide ANYTHING from no matter how stubborn or hard you try. There’s also been tough times, but I always look at these moments as opportunities to up-level and come closer. We’ve grown so much, its remarkable to look back and see the level of growth we’ve both experienced.

This ring is our relationship, a reminder of all that we have accomplished, dreamed up, struggled through— it reminds me of how blessed I am to be with someone who makes my heart sing but also, challenges me to be my best.


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