Ritual – Proposal Suggestions


ritual proposal suggestions


You’ve found your love and you are planning on asking her an important question, but you’re not sure how to propose or how to make it extra special. We’ve put together some proposal suggestions to help you in the brainstorming process for this special occasion.


Firstly, consider who your partner is on a core level.

What does she enjoy?

Is she traditional, or modern?

Does she like ‘big celebrations’ or she is more private?


Proposal tips:

  • Ask her father first – call him, or catch up for a beer / coffee. This is traditional and she will respect and appreciate this gesture.
  • Speak from your heart (you should always do this) : there is no purer word, even when you are nervous. Keep it simple.
  • Plan a surprise if you can and pull on your ‘romantic pants’, if only for once in life.
  • Go somewhere special to ask her the question – your favourite place to go when together, where you met or had your first date, etc. The opportunities are endless as long as it’s special to you. Or do it during an activity the two of you love doing.
  • Make at least a little bit of effort. Women, we appreciate this!
  • Be prepared – our rings take 4-6 x weeks to be carefully made and delivered once ordered (a little more if you are outside of Australia as shipping takes up to 14 days). Also make sure you consider her taste and have her ring size!


We could list a whole lot of suggestions on ways to propose, but you know your GIRL.

Remember what this is about for you, what it actually means to ask a person to marry you.

It is so much MORE than the fairytale or huge party, rather it’s about choosing and committing to the one person you want to spend your life with.

This is a decision that should be about the two of you. Be guided by this, distracted by all else.


What’s your proposal story? We’d love to hear it!

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