Meaning: Life Force

Energising, Vitality, Manifestation.


Ruby is globally known to be one of the rarest Gemstones and for its brilliant red colour and fiery appearance. Here are some of our favourite facts about the beautiful gemstone, Ruby! 

1. “Ruby” comes from the latin language – and the word “ruber” which means red and is known to be one of the strongest and most durable gemstones to wear. It sits at number 9 on the Mohs hardness scale which is a scale that identifies how durable a stone is (the stone’s resistance to scratching or how the surface of the gem will respond to contact with a sharp point).

The only gemstones that rank higher on this scale are Moissanites (9 1/2 hardness) or Diamonds (10 hardness).

2. Ruby is one of the four “precious stones” : Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby.  They are considered to be the worlds most desired and valuable stones and top “semi-precious stones” in terms of reputation.

3. How to tell a real earth-grown Ruby? Inclusions. They are to be expected and they are well tolerated. Synthetic or simulated Rubies are lab-grown and have been in production since the 1800’s. Synthetic Rubies can be identified by their lack of inclusions and / or colouring… which sometimes just seems not quite right – especially for the price tag. Always trust your gut when purchasing. 

2. Energetically, Rubies are associated around the emotion of love, passion, security and those within roles of power, luxury and royalty.

3. The red colouring of Ruby is the only aspect that actually separates Ruby and Sapphire from one another as they are both from the Corundum family. Ruby gets its colour from chromium and the most desired shade is a deep red with a hint of blue. In the gem industry, this is referred to as “pigeons blood”.

4. Majority of Rubies were mined in the Mogok Valley in Burma (Myanmar) and recent sources of Rubies can be found in Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Namibia, India, Japan and Columbia.

5. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C has some of the world’s largest rubies such as the 23.1 carat Burmese Ruby set in a Platinum ring with Diamonds and the largest mind Ruby on the planet: the Liberty Bell Ruby.

6. Sunrise Ruby is known to be the most expensive Ruby in the world and sold for 20 million back in 2015. And whilst we are talking value, large high quality rubies can sell for much more than a similar sized Diamond. We are talking up to $225 000 per carat!! Woah. 

7. It is considered the birthstone for those born in the month of July and considered historically symbolic as 15th and 40th wedding anniversary gifts. If you make it to 40, you deserve a Ruby! 




Emotional benefits: Rubies have been considered one of the most emotionally powerful gemstones. It has been viewed as the gemsstone of love, energy and passion.

Spiritual benefits: Rubies are renowned to be symbolic of  Life Force ~ energising, vitality inducing and powerful when it comes to actualising your manifestations.

Physical benefits: It is said that Rubies carry specific abilities for improving one’s health. It has been believed that Rubies have a protective energy. There have been theories that Ruby has been known to improve balance and passion for life, and help you to become more self aware.

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