The story behind a new launch


Gold Bracelets


Often, there is so much story (and layers of intention) behind a product launch and although the creators know all of the details and reasons in the process, the customers are left in the dark.

But we feel that knowing the details (as customers) make the purchases that we all invest in more special… more sacred… more ‘cherished’! We feel more connected when we understand the ‘why’ and just how much energy went into the birth of a creation.

So here we are, our latest offering just landed online tonight – 13 x 9kt solid gold bracelets, each with their own story. Shall we get to know Cherish?


Cherish: to protect and care for (something or someone) lovingly.

To care deeply, to treasure (something), to show great tenderness and respect.

To keep (a hope, desire or ambition) in ones mind.


Firstly, what product are we talking about here?

Cherish, is a range of fine 9kt gold bracelets made from (a thick, yet dainty) memory wire that conforms to your wrist and holds their shape (so they won’t bend, break or snap). It is one long piece, that wraps around your wrist twice. Each bracelet comes with 3 x 9kt gold spacer beads, a hand crafted 9kt gold VG tag and AAA quality crystals from all over the world! You can also order the ‘build it yourself bracelet’ , allowing you to choose the crystals separately.


Solid Gold Jewellery, Online


Why do you call it a concept piece?

A concept piece (in our world) is a tactile piece of jewellery that is more about what it represents, than how it looks. The depth exceeds the aesthetic – although with Cherish, we feel like the sentimental meanings and the feminine appearance match in their level of beauty.

This concept is one of impermanence – this piece isn’t complete and to stay the same.

We love the idea that our jewellery should / can match the impermance of the self. All is forever changing, growing, shifting – so if we are wearing jewellery that holds ‘present’ desires, intentions, reminders – it should be able to change and transform too?!


How did this idea come about?

I was on an international work trip a few years ago and became captivated by the Japanese style and craftsmanship. So delicate, simple and perfect in every single minimal detail.  I discovered memory wire and was captivated by this material. The concept of being able to change stones and therefore intentions came into my mind immediately and a sample was created.


Solid Gold Jewellery, Online


A lot of time passed in-between idea and product birth?

Almost 18 months!

I wore the sample bracelet a lot – trying to figure out a way to make it both functional and beautiful.

I anguished over my ideas and the design with many people. I wanted it to be perfect. After all of this time, I knew I needed more information to get it right. Back to Japan I went. I organised a meeting with the manufacturer and in a moment of divine clarity, we found a solution. I had a chosen large range of AAA+ quality beads, a drilling machine, new packaging and a launch to execute. The rest is history….


What makes these bracelets so special?

Oh, so many elements!

Solid Gold memory wire: which is flexible and comfortable to wear. It won’t stretch or lose its circular shape. And it is SOLID GOLD! It is a commitment to quality…

Ability to alternate the crystals and build your own design: our favourite detail! So you can buy a complete design (already made or the blank) and with time, collect AAA crystal beads and interchange as you feel ready. This is a similar concept to that of our globally loved Chakra necklaces, but this time we are working with the properties of stones.

Integrity behind the creation: manufacturing in Japan is significantly more expensive. The level of care and attention to detail is world class. For example, the 3mm VG tags? We could produce these elsewhere for 1/4 of the price. But in order to maintain the Japanese origin and workmanship, all is made in Japan.

Hand drilling: the crystal beads that are on these bracelets? 70% of the beads need to be re-drilled to make the centre holes large enough so that the ends of the bracelets can fit through them. So this means that we will be manually drilling in house for each bracelet purchased. As you order, we will drill – making these bracelets that much more special!

Sizing: the bracelets come in two (flexible and adjustable) sizes. They are not a fixed size, which makes them much more wearable for many.

Incorporation of traditional Japanese packaging: really honouring the countries that we manufacture in; we are starting to introduce signature packaging for different releases. If you know VG, you know that we do love the detail in packaging – and these light weight Paulownia wooden boxes with golden imprints – are SPECIAL! And only available when you purchase a bracelet from this collection.

When you buy the singular crystals to build your piece / alter your intention – they come packaged carefully within a tiny recycled card box, with golden VG logo and filled with dried lavender for safe keepings (and calming smells)!



So now that we have shared, it is time to explore…

Take a moment to read through the intentions…

We hope that you love Cherish just as much as we have loved birthing this token of impermanence.