The Gift of Impermanence


the gift of impermanence


Change can be scary huh?

Sometimes we get so comfortable with our current routine that we don’t want things to change. But the real beauty and transformation comes from letting go. Letting go of the tight grasp we have on how we think life should be and rather embracing the life that is.

Not to say that we shouldn’t strive to improve our lives or go after our dreams, but rather accept who and where we are in the current moment and move intentionally towards what we want for our life and ourselves.


Change is Constant

In reality, think about it – we change everyday. On the day-to-day, change and growth might be more understated, but it’s happening… from every decision we make, thought we have, words we say. Whereas the more noticeable change can take time to identify. Sometimes, just as time and nurturing are what’s needed for a flower to bloom, the same is needed for personal growth and accomplishment.


Embracing Impermanence

Impermanence is a great reminder to ourselves for where we are, what we need, and what is no longer serving us.

Take a moment to reflect: what is lighting you up at this moment? What aspect of yourself or chakra needs help? Every day find what serves you – a ritual that grounds you, a different chakra charm for the chakra that needs the most support at this moment in time, choose a certain crystal or bead or even necklace that you know will most support you right now.


Letting GO

What’s so beautiful about having intention infused creations that are the Violet Gray jewels and crystals is the chance for you to enjoy different pieces at different times of your life. Maybe right now you need support for your sacral chakra or want a reminder to return to your heart, but next week/month/year you might be more drawn to the crown chakra and embracing adaptability. And maybe after that you’ll want additional support for you heart or sacral chakra. What you need will change and sometimes repeat itself, let yourself be open to the process.


the gift of impermanence


Letting go and releasing what no longer serves us and calling in what does is such an empowering act, because we are in control of our lives even as it changes (if you’re interested in learning more about letting go and starting anew with what serves your soul, Clarissa Pinkola Estés does a really good & in-depth job of analyzing the Life/Death/Life cycle as she calls it in one of our favourite books: ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’).

So let’s do this together shall we? Instead of fearing impermanence, let’s embrace it and use it as an opportunity to always be intentionally growing and taking steps towards seizing and living out our dreams. This isn’t always easy, but I know I for one am excited to challenge myself to embrace and learn to appreciate change rather than fear it.



Ritual for Living with Impermanence

Here are some quick intention infused ideas you can incorporate into your life as a reminder to be present and open to change.

  • Find some time to journal about how you’re feeling – this is an opportunity to put your thoughts on a page, and if the time comes where you want to reflect back it’s as easy as reading through previous entries.
  • Say or write down at least 3 things you’re grateful for everyday – this is a beautiful way to focus on the present moment.
  • Create a vision for yourself and your life (a board, a list, however you like) and check back periodically to see if your actions are aligning with your hopes.
  • And if it serves your creative spirit you can write a personal prayer (or whatever word you prefer to use) for embracing the beautiful impermanence that is life.


A personal prayer for change

I am open to what comes my way. As the moon waxes and wanes, I let myself embrace change. Impermanence is an opportunity for growth and transformation.

I am reminded that in this moment I’m exactly where I need to be and move forward with intention towards what will serve me. Towards what will make my soul light up and say YES. 

And so it is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

{ By Coral Zekri }


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