through the lens with helen jacobs


Helen Jacobs is a psychic, mama, creative, embracer of TRUTH, and so much more. Get inspired by Helen’s take on intuition in the next segment of our ‘Looking Through the Lens‘ series where we feature Muses we admire. Keep reading for a mega dose of inspiration.


Who is Helen Jacobs?

She’s an everyday woman – a mother, a wife, a creative, a business owner… and she also happens to be a soul guide, channel and psychic. She’s always changing.


And in this moment, how do you spend your days?

Mornings with my girls and husband, the school run, then into my new studio to channel, prepare soul maps for clients, and teach other everyday women how to connect with their soul and still be in the “real” world.


Did you ever find yourself struggling being a psychic in a world where it’s still considered quite taboo? How have you come to embrace all aspects of yourself?

It’s not so much the taboo that I find challenging, although in the beginning that may have been more apparent. I often find the human me struggles to patiently wait for a vision to come to fruition, or to wait for the next piece of guidance to come in. My human mind often struggles with the expanse my soul self plays in. Embracing all the parts of me has been a journey – and there are still days I would say there’s something I’m learning to embrace. I always come back to my intuition and try and be compassionate towards myself.


through the lens with helen jacobs


You are currently focused on helping women journey back to their soul. What does this mean? And how can people (women especially) use their intuition to guide them to their TRUTH?

For almost a decade, I’ve taught the importance of following your intuition – it’s the first language the soul uses to communicate with us. It’s where I started too. While pregnant with my second daughter, my understanding of intuition flipped on its head – rather than it being just a guiding force, it became an actual portal within my body, an energetic gateway full of guidance, healing and integration. I began to see that as we follow our intuition, a new pathway opens up for us, a journey back to soul emerges. We are all connected to our Soul, she’s always communicating with us and calling us back home, into TRUTH of who we really are. As we do that, we move deeper and deeper into our soul, which is what real soul alignment is all about. Our intuition is the first call back home.


through the lens with helen jacobs


Why is harnessing and utilizing one’s intuition so important?

What led you on the path of harnessing your own intuition?

Intuition is often activated within us as we awaken to our soul’s path. So, mine came after I actually realised I was a medium who could communicate with people who have passed away. Despite that ability, intuition was something I had to work to develop and understand. I left my job in PR and followed a hunch… and that hunch led to where I am now – hunch, after hunch and into deeper and deeper depths of understanding the dimensions of my being. All that’s possible from building your intuition. Your intuition already knows your soul path, the healing, the lessons, the gifts to offer the world. And if you follow it, it will unravel. I’ve realised my purpose is to help others speed up the process of unravelling your path via intuition.


What would you say to someone that has difficulty trusting themselves?

Build a relationship with your intuition like any other relationship. Start small. And start to decipher which is the voice of your intuition (loving, but wanting you to learn) versus the voice of fear (often judgmental and keeps you small or “safe”). Trust yourself in small moments – do I want to eat that? Wear that? So when the big questions come, like, do I leave this job/relationship? you are well versed in how your intuition speaks to you.


through the lens with helen jacobs


When you are caught up in your head or just really busy / distracted in life, how do you get back to earth (and into your body)?

I’m learning to move my body more (walking, dance, voice work), I play with my kids, and get back into nature.


Tips for others for harnessing their intuition?

Start small. Build a relationship – work up to the big decisions together! Keep a journal – this becomes an invaluable “proof” of how your intuition is really working out for you, and for those of us who want to see before we believe this can be a helpful leg up.


through the lens with helen jacobs


Do you have a favorite ritual?

I have many! Right now, my favourite is simply lying in gratitude for my day as my head hits the pillow each night.


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through the lens with helen jacobs


What a beautiful perspective on intuition and TRUTH.


Where you can find Helen –

Website :: http://helenjacobs.co

Instagram :: @helenjacobs.co

Photos provided by Helen Jacobs


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