through the lens with hugette


Colourful, creative, spiritual… these are some of the many words that can be used to describe the vibrant force that is Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez, the founder of the wildly popular DISfunkshion Magazine, ‘a purpose-driven movement redefining womanhood, culture, health + identity’ that is currently sold throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia and inspiring over 200,000 people on Instagram.

As our Muse in the next segment of our “Looking Through the Lens‘ series, we get to know Hugette on a deeper level and talk creativity, womanhood, faith, and more.


Who is Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez?

Hugette is a Brazilian jazz and incense enthusiast, wife to a delicious Costa Rican surfer whom she explores the world with, prey to a slight iced-chai latte addiction and founder of Disfunkshion Magazine.

A lover of all things color, artisanal crafts, women’s issues and humanitarian movements, she also wears a couple of hats such as life coach, business consultant, public speaker, educator and unceasing devotee to spirituality, self-help books and the ocean.


through the lens with hugette


And in this moment, how do you spend your days?

Spiritual devotion time in the morning, working on creative/inspirational content for the magazine, meeting with clients and contributors, taking a swim almost every day with my husband and Netflixing at night before bed. This varies every other month. =) But in-between this schedule we also travel just about every other month.


What led you to starting Disfunkshion Magazine? And how have you grown as a person since starting on this journey? What do you hope the impact of the magazine is?  

Seeing a need in the publication and media industry. Seeing a huge gap between what women see and reality struck a huge chord for me and I know something had to be done. I’ve grown immensely developing techniques and trades that I’ve never been formally educated in such a photography and graphic design.


through the lens with hugette


Faith plays a significant part in your life. How does your faith inspire you to do what you do?

It inspires EVERYTHING! God is #1 in my life because His love, grace, and unconditional presence have changed every fiber of my being. The purpose I was created for is the fuel in my veins and drives everything I do without concern for the results.


One of the purposes of your magazine is to ‘redefine womanhood’ – what does womanhood mean to you in this moment?

Womanhood to me is freedom, it’s power, it’s a nurturing gift, it’s inclusive + supportive of men as a result of confidence and identity. Womanhood is natural beauty regardless of how we choose to dress our canvas. Womanhood is bold and abundant sisterhood that supports.


What would you tell your younger self about being a woman?

Girl… don’t you worry, all your hair frizz troubles will work themselves out in the future and you’ll care so much less about your appearance when you grow into yourSELF. =)


through the lens with hugette


When you are caught up in your head or just really busy / distracted in life, how do you get back to earth (and into your body)?

Connecting with God, whether through prayer, reading scripture, singing worship.

He is the only one that can re-calibrate my chaos. He puts the ‘why’ back into everything I do, sandpits the peace into a space of anxiety and worry.


Tips for others for embracing who they are.  

Shut out the noise.

When no one is watching, Who are you? What do you like? What do you wear? What do you think? DO THAT at all times… It catches on. And the magical part? You never have to walk on social eggshells again.


through the lens with hugette


Do you have a favorite ritual?

The morning devotional time is my favorite moment of every single day. I also have a little ritual of playing brazilian jazz or reggae, lighting some incense and laying on the couch to read.

This is especially soothing at night.


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through the lens with hugette


We are inspired by Hugette’s determination to inspire… and we can’t get enough of her epic style!

Where you can find Hugette –

Website :: http://dfsmag.com/

Instagram :: @disfunkshionmag

Photos provided by Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez


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