through the lens with lauren aletta


In this next segment of our inspiring ‘Looking Through the Lens‘ series where we feature amazing and unique women that embody the Violet Gray vibe, we got to talking with Brisbane based queen of intuition, Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue.

With our next product launch (end of August) focused around creativity, impermanence, and intuition, we knew hearing Lauren’s insight on intuition was an opportunity not to be missed.

Get ready to be inspired!


Who is Lauren Aletta?

Ah, she’s ever changing. Some elusive creature I’m forever having to re-learn and get to know. Haha!  Lauren Aletta is me, shrug. An ordinary old human being who’s fumbling about, having a blast and soaking up every moment of being human. I’m one part daggy, one part giant and one part witchy.


And in this moment, how do you spend your days?

I spend my days feeling pretty happy I get to do exactly what I dreamt of doing pretty much my whole life! Connecting with people, being the soul growth supporter, the intuitive and energetic teacher and guide. It’s pretty rad. And such a privilege. But I honestly don’t think it would have turned out any other way. When you know, you know. And then you just go for it.

I also get to hang out with three awesome little people (my children) who school me, day in and day out!

So, my days are a combination of writing and creating, working with incredible people exploring all things ‘ intuition and soul’ and racing around doing all the mumma-bear tasks.


through the lens with lauren aletta


In an nutshell, tell us about your journey with intuition? We’re you born a natural ‘intuitive’?

Everyone is born intuitive! You cannot not be intuitive! It’s your very foundation. I think perhaps I’ve got a natural ability (and slight obsession) with all things intuition and energy, but what I do know for sure is, if you’re human than you’re intuitive!  

My adventure has been more about learning how to understand and harness it, to use it practically. Our intuitive and energetic abilities really is our ‘sixth’ sense and is there to serve us to create an empowered and soul aligned life and world.


through the lens with lauren aletta


How do you define intuition?

The ability to be able to perceive unseen data.

To receive internal guidance and direction that doesn’t always make sense to the logical mind but makes sense to your inner being and heart.

To understand the interconnectedness of your body, mind and soul, as well as understanding your intimate connection with all of life.


And why is living / leaning into / being guided by your own personal intuition so valuable? And necessary?

We’ve entered the era of energy. We’re being internally called to get really honest with ourSelves, individually and collectively, to become Who We Are and address and transform the current circumstance we all find ourselves in.

This life framework we’ve constructed for ourselves doesn’t work. It’s broken. Our economic, environmental, social and political systems are deconstructing  – and they are a complete reflection of us as individuals. A reflection of our internal world. Tuning into your inner being  and using your intuitive energetic abilities isn’t all rainbow farting unicorns and fairy dust – it’s real and raw at times. But that’s what alchemy is. That is what transformation is. This is how we are able to honestly and authentically express our Truth and at the very same time heal the disconnection in ourselves, our systems and environment. It’s true what they say – it starts at home. It starts within the home of yourSelf.


through the lens with lauren aletta


What has been the greatest gift that intuition has given you?

I think just being alive is the greatest gift! Having the freedom to be me. That’s a privilege. And maybe… being able to see into people’s hearts. That’s a pretty incredible honour and gift.


You’re a mama to 3 kids, how has that experience influenced your relationship with your own intuition?

Hmm… I guess I’m just aware that their energy is so linked and connected to mine. They are in so many instances reflecting my own inner state. And when I harmonise my inner state, they then reflect it.

I also am able to sense/see that my children all come from different ‘origins’ and the Light Beings and ‘Team’ they have supporting them is quite different from one to the other, because they are each here to do different things and walk different paths.

It’s sort of strange. As much as I know they are my ‘flesh and blood’ as we earthlings say – I have never really felt like my children are mine. Holding my first child after he was born was beautiful but he didn’t feel like ‘mine’ – I felt like he’d just come to me and I’m meant to do my best to be his guide. In human terms I’m his ‘mother’ but there is so much more going on in the greater soul scape of things.

Children are also very good at being in-tune. They haven’t yet been conditioned to repress their intuition. I enjoy learning and re-membering through what they teach me.


When you are caught up in your head or just really busy / distracted in life, how do you get back to earth (and into your body)?

Nature. Getting outside. Going for a walk somewhere that makes me feel the aliveness of everything. I think nature does that for everyone.


through the lens with lauren aletta


Tips for others for connecting with their intuition.

Connecting with your intuition and inner guiding voice is easy. It’s our heads and the constructs of our limiting perceptions and beliefs that make it feel difficult. So my ‘tips’ are this…

– Push the parameters of what you believe you are. Push the parameters of what you deem possible and real. Questions and be curious about everything!

– Allow yourself to feel a little silly. Intuition and perceiving unseen soul stuff doesn’t always makes sense to the logical mind. But it will FEEL very right in your body and in your heart.

– And just practise tuning into your centre and listening to that little inner voice that’s always whispering to you –  should you have ears that want to hear.


Do you have a favourite ritual to get you in an ‘intuitive space’?

Everything is a ritual. Life is a ritual. Your life is an expression of your ritual.

And ritual is intuitive. It doesn’t need to be complex or elaborate. Getting dressed is a ritualistic act. As is drinking or tea or how you inhale the scent of coffee beans.

Ritual is whatever I make it – and that’s the beauty of it.


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through the lens with lauren aletta


We love how Lauren sees the world and how connected she is to her intuition.


Where you can find Lauren –

Website :: http://innerhue.com

Instagram :: @innerhue

Photos provided by Lauren Aletta


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