Through the Lens, Feature, Muse


As we journey a little deeper around here, it is with great pleasure that we introduce our new weekly, maybe fortnightly series ‘Looking through the lens…’

You might be questioning the intent behind our new branding stamp also? The gold foiled, rustic ring that continues to surface across our platforms since we re-birthed on May 14?

This is a symbol, a window where we encourage you to look deeper, look beyond, look through.

To investigate yourself and explore the depths in order to reach your own answers and conclusions.

This is what VIOLET GRAY encourages.

All of our pieces birthed with layers of additional meaning and intention.

But it is when they land in your hands that they magically turn into POWER. Because they become tools of intent, tools of connection, tools of story. Your story.

‘Looking through the lens’ is a series of muse interviews, where we get to go deeper.. Beyond the generic questions and into their heart spaces. We learn about where they stand today, just in this moment.

Embracing the now.

We talk about their ‘right now’ passion and how they spend their time. We talk ritual, we talk magical carpets, flavours, books… shit, we even talk underwear.

The first Muse interview will be live this Thursday, the 25th of May 2017.

Drop back in to get to know her.


Can you think of a woman with a wild heart that we should feature?

Please share below!