VG Love Tales | 28 years in the waiting (Chrissy & Luke)

These are your stories….

The real people that wear Violet Gray, in your own words, about your special love.

And also, the rings that you now own and cherish and hopefully one day far into the future, will continue to live on the hands of many generations to come. 



This is the love story of Christina and Luke from New Jersey, USA.


Zircon Gold Ring, Engagement Ring, Online Jewellery


Which ring did you receive? 

Florence ~ Australian Zircon set in 9kt white gold.


Tell us how she came to you? 

So when you posted on Instagram the other day that Florence had been sold, I almost cried!

I loved her so!

Allow me to share my backstory with you…


I have been with my husband Luke for 28 years, since I was a freshman in high school, though I knew he was the one (or ‘my one’) since our first kiss the summer between my 8th and 9th grade!
We began dating and after a couple years at college, he decided that he wanted to join the Marines Corp instead. He was 20, I was 19. He said we should get married. I totally agreed.

There was no big fancy social media worthy proposal, not even an engagement ring, just two kids in crazy love, saying let’s take the next step in a logical adult like conversation.


Anyway – as fate would have it, I ended up getting pregnant weeks later. We got married. We did the military life with our first son, Lucas. He left the Marines and we had two more beautiful children, another son, Ethan, and the princess of our lives, our daughter, Mollyrain.


We have been now married now for 23 (and a half) years. And although I love our story and the life and family we created, I won’t lie – I have always longed a little bit for that special ‘thing’ that marks it all.

I was never a diamond girl and we had looked at some engagement rings when we originally got engaged (all that time ago), but nothing was worth it to me. No one ring jumped out and spoke to me…. until I saw your Florence ring.

She was it. She was the engagement ring that I didn’t know I had been waiting for…

The one I wanted to wear and one day pass onto one of our children or grandchildren.

She felt like she was made to be on my hand.


So today, after thinking that someone, somewhere else in this world was wearing the ring that I knew was made for me, you can only imagine my surprise and my utmost excitement when I realised that she was mine. It was MY hand that she was on her way to when you wrote those words.

I am completely over the moon in love with her! You have made this girl’s dream come to life after over 2 decades of secretly wishing and looking.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!


See, there was a reason I started following you all those years ago; it wasn’t just because I loved the #imperfectlymeVG or #violetgrayreflections. It wasn’t just the lovely chakra charms or the way you celebrate women/life; and I did really enjoy seeing you become a Mama and the stages and feelings you went through. I feel though, it was the universe… it must have been secretly telling me that one day you would make the beautiful ring I was meant to wear.


Oh and thank you for helping my husband so much. Shopping has never been something he enjoys… or does well, ha!…. and he told me how helpful and great you were. I really, really appreciate that.


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Zircon Gold Ring, Engagement Ring, Online Jewellery


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