VG Love Tales | OPEN TO LOVE (Hannah + Matt)

These are your stories….

The real people that wear Violet Gray, in your own words, about your special love.

And also, the rings that you now own and cherish and hopefully one day far into the future, will continue to live on the hands of many generations to come. 



Sometimes, it really does just feel like a ring was made for a couple.

The process moves with such ease and flow and this was the case with Kora (the ring) and the newly engaged Hannah and Matt.

Their beautiful Australian Sapphire ring had just come off the bench and was intended to be included in lucien and the very few ready to wear rings that were to be a part of this 2020 release. This means there is only one of each ring crafted and released.  But before we even took photographs – Kora was to be secured for Hannah. 


This is the love story of Hannah and Matt from Brisbane, Australia. 



Your story, lets start here… how did you meet Matt?

Matt and I were going to the same gym..

Apparently Matt had noticed me but it wasn’t until one session that the trainer asked if we wanted to work out on the grass and Matt replied “oh no it will be all wet!” that he really caught my attention. I just thought it was hilarious that this big tall strapping guy would be put off by some wet grass.

After that I began to notice him a lot.. and decided I would ‘slide into his DMs’ and ask him out.

Our first date went for about 8 hours…

The next afternoon we went to the gym and he took me out to dinner and we haven’t looked back.


Which ring did you receive?

I was lucky enough to receive KORA an elongated hexagonal Australian Parti Sapphire which is nestled between two bright white Cadillac Diamonds.

The platinum band holds it all together in the most perfect way.

She* is a real beauty. She feels striking and strong and holds a beautiful power.

Different colours reflect from the Sapphire in different lights which reminds us of the many different shades of this life.


Australian Parti Sapphire Diamond Ring


Tell us, how did your ring come to you? 

I absolutely adore Christmas.

Ever since I was a little kid I have treasured the holidays. It’s full of family and food and magic.

Matt knows how much it means to me and how I have always wanted it to become a holiday we could enjoy together.

So Christmas Eve, Matt set up the most beautiful picnic in our backyard under the fairy lights and surprised me to “celebrate the holidays”.

But not long after he had a bigger surprise and asked me to marry him.

It was intimate, full of our favourite things and highlighted how well Matt knows me.



A bit of a history and a story twist – about three and a half years ago I actually attended one of the Violet Gray intention circles at Byron Bay.

My intention which I put into my bracelet (which I wasn’t expecting to feel until that very moment) was to be open to true love.

Not even 2 months later, Matt and I started dating.

To tell you the truth he was never the man I imagined being with but he is the perfect man for me. He balances me and sees my whole self and soul. Something I always wanted but was never truly ready for until I acknowledged it through this intention circle experience.

I still can’t believe that the person who crafted this beautiful ring, is also the person that created space for such a powerful intention to be born. 


Did you know that Kora had been organised for you? 

Not even close! Matt and I had talked about getting married and agreed that’s what we both wanted but never about the details.

I actually had seen a photo of *her on the Violet Gray instagram and remember thinking WOW what a dream ring. I sent it to Matt (something I had never done and don’t even know why I did!) but never heard back. I didn’t even think about it again. Little did I know that when I sent the photo to Matt he actually already had purchased that exact ring for me.

It was already a done deal.

He never replied because he was too scared he would give it away! He actually found organising *her to be very stressful. Not because of Alex but because he had to spin some white lies to pull it all off!

Something he was very uncomfortable with. But we both agree in this particular case it was worth it.


When you look down at your hand and see your ring, what does she symbolise to you? 

She holds a weight between us.

The weight of precious love, the strength of our bond and the commitment we have to each other.

Matt has even said “as soon as I had the ring, it just felt right”. It couldn’t be more true. It just feels right.

Even if I am having a tough day or something is stressful at work, I look down at my ring on my hand and it’s almost as if Matt is right there with me giving me strength and support.


Love Tales


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